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  1. I think I like 'It Goes Through' more than The Hunting Party in its entirety, same goes for The Last Line. For what it's worth, I liked The Hunting Party.
  2. Man, I would kill to hear the DSP.. My friend who went to the show was supposed to pick up a DSP, but apparently she didn't. Blah.
  3. What the hell type of setlist is that? Why haven't they pulled out a new song yet?
  4. Damn, I hope Castle Of Glass gets single treatment next.
  5. I'd hate to be the guy at apple who fucked this up. It does suck for LP, but it was gonna happen any day now with official releases creeping closer..the good news is the album is fantastic.
  6. Something tells me Itunes pulled the trigger just a bit early on this one
  7. Wow, this album sounds a lot more unique than some of the previews alluded to, I like it.
  8. Yeah its too bad LP isn't gonna be streamed.. I wonder what happened.. Today is full of letdowns, first LP isn't being streamed, then Myspace uploads Living Things and then immediately takes it down. My hopes were raised twice, haha.
  9. Its weird, why would WBR or LP not want it streamed? Has there been any statement about what happened?
  10. Damn, its a shame that it seems these songs will have pretty predictable form/length. And man, some of those are shortttt.. =/
  11. So, uh, am I crazy or is LP not on the schedule on their site? It shows the 3 other bands for the 26th, but not LP. Was there a change of plans? =/
  12. I doubt Castle of Glass leaked... But BID is possible I suppose? I would love if it did.. Ill buy it tomorrow no matter what, but I want something to listen to while writing this paper.
  13. I listened to it without headphones. It was nice. I listened to it with headphones. It was pure sex. Its too early to say completely, but I like it. =)
  14. Man, I can't keep up with this stuff, haha. I take it still no snippets or interesting information?
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