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  1. At the end of the 2nd article, they said some songs of OML sound like old songs from The Cure or Tears for Fears.
  2. Thanks ! It's funny because I found your video 2 hours ago
  3. Still no video of Close Continuance live... this song is so amazing !
  4. I really hope this is true ! I bought tickets four J-K show in Paris this week but I felt sick. It would be a great opportunity to see Julien-K and Linkin park the same night
  5. roni781

    LA Laser Show

    Amazing ! The end of Iridescent is beautiful with the eagle. I hope they'll take this lasers and graphics for the tour.
  6. Man, Iridescent is the most beautiful song I've heard. I'm hurry to hear your cover on that one
  7. Man this remix is epic. If the final version is as good (with more vocals of course) i'll be happy Congrats to your friend and thank you for bringing us the song.
  8. Congrats, great article man ! Despite M2M is my favourite LP album, I have to say Figure.09 is my favourite track.
  9. There was a chat with Mike 2 hours ago on LP.com, someone knows what he said ?
  10. roni781

    Proggy sound

    Hey guys it seems Mike is a reader of this thread http://mikeshinoda.com/2010/06/22/lplive-net/
  11. Be there too, like everytime LP come in Paris ! Funny thing we are all French but we keep speaking in English ^^ Fan globalization I guess. Anyway, hope to see yee right there in October. Anyone here came to Muse show to the Stade de France 10 days ago ? It was awesome ! I hope the new LP show will be close in terms of "badass".
  12. Remember the Berlin show in April 2007 (the 1st time they played WID, GU and NMS), it was 2 weeks before the M2M release. I think we have good chances te see the new album in November.
  13. 1.New Divide : the most powerful of these songs, with an awesome mix between electronical stuff and classic rock intstruments. Not my favorite LP song, but if you consider that this mix was the goal of the band, the song is very good. The LP song I had the most listened in 2009. 2.No Roads Left : a beautiful song, I love Mike's vocals and the violons during the 2nd chorus and the bridge. I think this song could have been on M2M, but not to replace In Between. 3.Blackbirds : I really like the song, lyrics and Chester's vocals are amasing (better than Not Alone). I think putting mellow-pop vocals with hip-hop tempo is a very good idea. The end of the song with Mike and Chester that sing together with violons is beautiful IMO (you know, "whaaaat I gaaaaave"). I'd like to see it live. 4.Lockjaw : a simple instrumental song but it's working. Love the drums on this one. 5.Across the Line : sorry guys but I'm not enthusiastic about this song. At all. Verses and the bridge are OK, but the chorus is awful, it just kills the song. I'm not surprised it didn't make the cut for M2M. 6.Not Alone : like I said when it was released, great cause but bad song. Don't want to hear "that" LP anymore.
  14. Good video, great cause, awful song.
  15. Mike said a few months ago in an interview that he was trying to learn to play drums. Maybe it's his kit. And lol Nameless for the CSI joke.
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