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  1. I believe this is only a one-song comeback in support of a charity project (college funds, MFR, Nepal). That's why this whole thing gets so hyped on the internet and on Conan tomorrow, they are trying to maximize the attention for the cause. That's why I assume the merch and LE vinyls are produced to raise money.
  2. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/pharrell-live-earth-concert-press-climate-action-28369354 Al Gore is going to organize the next Live Earth concerts on the 18th of June 2015. I guess LP will participate again to support climate protection. What do you guys think?
  3. Don't worry the LP show did not start yet. I'm watching the concert on TV and they are still broadcasting the Kaiser Chiefs.
  4. yes chaotic set. nevertheless I like that new WID guitar part. Sounds like some Jack White shit
  5. LPUX beats ATS by far!!! I'd like to say thank you to the person who decided to let this collection raw and simple. If Linkin Park wouldn't sound that overproduced on their official albums they would get so much more respect in the music world I really love those unfinished tracks because they are able to "breathe". Yea WID should be replaced by Lockjaw!
  6. go to www.zattoo.com to watch the show. they stream it in good quality ;-)
  7. This is just dope!!! the beats are so dirty!
  8. good post. now I understand the new LPU plans and I like those ideas. The official posts on lpu.com and lp.com aren't written that clear so it's no surprise everybody was upset. my marketing prof at the university always said "you can't start an inovation without good communication!"
  9. Great cover, very abstract and surprising. It's good to see that they progress their visual presentation and not only their music. Now I'm really looking forward to hear the new music. It will be so different compared to their older songs! Anyway, much respect for having the courage to make this the album cover!
  10. It's hard to say anything about the song until now but I think it will be a good single. Nothing really crazy, just something to have airplay on the radio stations but that's ok. The vocal effect on Mike's voice isn't that terrible, T-Pain and Kanye West's auto-tune stuff is terrible The piano line sounds like the New Divide Demo...
  11. Warner and Linkin Park will make millions with the single/album cause everybody is talking about their "collaboration" with a fan. But that's just marketing. If you win, you're name will maybe be written on myspace and in the booklet in a very small font size. it's by far not enough to start the big career. It's about the hype, not about finding a talented musician
  12. Forget that. Once you sent your composition, you will loose any rights on your music and the music label can do what they want with it. it's all about getting the album hyped and making money.
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