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  1. Really nice topic... Let me write down my ideal set with the current released songs: 1. Don't Stay 2. Somewhere I belong 3. No More Sorrow 4. Papercut 5. Numb 6. Battle Symphony 7. Breaking the Habit 8. Burn it Down 9. Heavy 10. Castle of Glass 11. Pushing me Away/shadow of the day/Iridescent 12. Waiting for the End 13. What I've Done 14. New Divide 15. A Line in the Sand 16. Faint 17. A Place for My Head 18. In the End ---- 19. The Messenger 20. One Step Closer 21. Bleed it Out
  2. What a nice setlist!! By the way I would change What I've Done for One Step Closer. Very low end of the show.
  3. The thing is that Linkin Park arrived where they are thanks to Hybrid Theory and Meteora, thanks to their old shows. It doesn't matter which kind of music they do since that moment. They have a solid fanbase and they will never lose that base. The Catalyst it's not their best song, but it's not a bad song. It's an experimental song. They don't think if old LP fans would like it. They think of people who WILL like this music. Then in the future shows they'll do whatever they want to catch the attention of old and new fans, like they did in the past few years. About the song, I love the end of the song. I don't like the techno beats.
  4. I've already preorder it lol. These names make me feel hot.
  5. The name of the new album is Minutes Past Midnight.
  6. This is called "Wait for Nothing"
  7. It's very rare that anyone hasn't posted any relase day yet. I hope there were not any problem.
  8. We've finally been able to release an English edition of the LP magazine. Its contents include the January Edition with all of the LP stuff, plus the interview is translated to English. We hope more fans could read this magazine, which month by month has a hard work effort behind it. Enjoy it! Download it in pdf here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1MUYM13Z We've also opened a group in beta.linkinpark.com, so check it here: http://beta.linkinpark.com/group/linkinparkspainmagazine Content in English: - News about LP (until December 15th) - Central Report (Linkin Park Fans) + Interview with Alex McMillan - All about Across Ahe Line - Remembering HTEP times
  9. I recommend you to download the suplement (it's on the last page of the mag), there are HT media files like audio, video, photos and a wallpaper!
  10. It's a good idea =) The magazine reaches 6 months of life, and we're all very happy. I hope it could be released in english someday to can be read by anyone around the world. Also we'll try to get awesome interviews for all the Linkin Park fans. We thank a lot the support from lplive!
  11. I'm glad to share the November edition of the Linkin Park Spain Magazine here. I think it's one of the best magazines ever, so I hope you like it. Like every month I must say sorry to not edit the mag in English, we will translate it as soon as we can. We're working now on the official website of the magazine, this will be for sure in English, I will post it when it goes out. You can download the November magazine here or here. And also you can watch it via flash here. The content of this edition is: - November News - Central Report: Linkin Park, "Banner or Murderer of Nu Metal" - ¿Did you know that...? - Linkin Park trivia - All about Let Down - Remembering the past of Chester Bennington - Analysing another band: Rammstein / Liebe ist für alle da - Perfect translations of some songs - Supplement: Hybrid Theory files The next edition will be released in January, with an interview with GigaScythe! Hahninator: This is an awesome magazine...even if you can't understand it (they're working on the English version), you should check it out. They did a very nice job with this...the graphics are awesome, the news is excellent and I think it's a great idea. Nice job guys. We'll be featuring every month's edition here on the LPL homepage.
  12. davidkyoku


    I've been visiting this web site for one year and a half..but I remember that the first time I entered hear was thanks to a link someone posted in the Linkin Park Spain forums, where I could see the Linkin Park setlist played in Madrid in 2003. Since that day, I think I visit lplive every day lol.
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