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  1. Wow, that tracklisting....it just looks freaking sweet! So happy they're sharing demos again
  2. Shit, Qwerty 'd have been a great addition to the setlist. I also remember Chester once refused to play Reading My Eyes when the rest of the band was ok to play it. That's quite annoying from him. :-/
  3. Yes, that's the second thing I'm looking the most forward after the MTM heavy demos. And also, I wonder if "I have not begun" was created at the begining of the ATS process, or more in the middle of it.
  4. A cover album would be cool, but I prefer the demos all the way. I'd go freacking insane if they released some of the "super heavy" material they recorded during the MTM era. Chester have talked about that stuff a few times.
  5. Somwhere I Belong, same reason as mentionned above !
  6. Hybrid Theory A Placed For My Head One Step Closer Points Of Authority Meteora Figure.09 Don't Stay Session Minutes To Midnight No More Sorrow Given Up The Little Things Give You Away A Thousand Suns Waiting For The End Blackout The Catalyst ATS was the album with the most difficulties to choose. When They Come For Me could easily have been there instead of The Catalyst.
  7. I want Xero DSP!!!!! lol But yeah, it would be cool if they released those missing dsp, especially the one which features the last live version of Runaway.
  8. Yes, the fact they've played this song for longer than others can maybe explain why Chester is so sick of it. But for example, Points was played live for over 9 years, and the band still seems to like it, regarding the song almost made its come-back at the end of 2010. Another interesting thing which was mentionned a couple of times by the guys, Runaway was one of the song they've worked the more on during the HT era, when they were trying to give the demo "Stick'n' move" its final form. I may be wrong, but I think Chester even said in a interview they created OSC during a break they took
  9. Well, I see...anyway, despite the fact the lyrics of WWDK are not very optimistic, the general vibe of the song and the catchy chorus give this song a positive vibe to me. But it's because of my opinion, I've always though the instrumental of a song is the most important thing to make a song feel positive or negative. For example, there's a depeche mode song which is titled "Sometimes I wish I was dead", which is a pretty dark name, but the song in itself have a hilarous instrumental...which isn't depressing at all
  10. Hum, I'm not surprised the band used to smoke pot and I'm even sure some of them continue to do it from time to time. There is a video somewhere on youtube when you can see Mike hanging out with the GBC crew, and he looks so high! ahah
  11. I was just wondering. Each time a journalist or a fan or anyone else ask Chester which LP song he doesn't like the most, he always answers "Runaway". And also, when he's asked which old LP songs they could bring back to the set, he often say "Hum...certainly not runaway!". I personnally think the main reason of that is the lyrics of the song, which are pretty childish IMO. But I mean, if you look at the composition in itself, it' s not that bad. Not original, but not bad. So, what is your opinion about all of this?
  12. I was actually being serious. Ahah! JK. On a more serious, note, my bet for next record, I'd say end of 2012, something like october or november.
  13. I have the same feeling about Not Alone, but Issho Ni is different to me. The harmonies at the end of the song make me think "ouch, some people are suffering right now". They kind of show a painfull message to my mind. And also, I'm intrigued, did Brad say WWDK was one of the first song written during MTM era? I know it's his favorite LPUX song and that its was created during the MTM process, but one of the first?
  14. Hum, I guess next record will be coming tomorrow, with the LP announcement " We wanted to make you the biggest surprise possible!". Then all LP fans will go f*cking crazy. And then it will appear the album contains only 1 track with Mike and Chester laughing....pure evil
  15. Issho Ni. This song has that kind of vibe which is really dark and deppressing to me. And the fact it was created after the disaster in Japan makes that vibe stronger. It doesn't have words, and it doesn't need them, the music really speaks for itself
  16. Wow, great find. I really enjoyed this intro in the live video of New Divide, great to have it in studio-quality!
  17. WWDK is Brad's favorite song on LPUX. MTM era. It was never finished, but Brad always though the song has a lot of potential. (so....it seems like WWDK wasn't 1 of the 17 final MTM songs, like we though) I don't think I'm going against the rules of the site by telling that, its not that big of an information. Hopefully
  18. Dropping OSC is not a good thing at all imo, this song is killer live. If they want to drop an older song, let's do it with "Crawling", it has become boring, and Chester can't perform it the way he used to do..
  19. Wertcher is gonna kick some ass. So happy they're coming in Belgium, it's like...hm...the second time ever? But for now, enjoy Norway!
  20. Maybe because slow motion have been used in every ATS video so far? Some changes would be welcome, at least for me. But anyway, yes, I don't recall slow motion in this teaser either, so I'm gonna wait the final product before judging it.
  21. I don't know....If LP had to loose all their energy in the future in purpose of protecting chester's voice....I think I would prefer them stopping LP earlier then. The music direction of a band shouldn't depend of singing/screaming abilities, but of what they want to sound like. They're many rock or metal singers who continue to scream there ass out, despite the fact they're 40 or 50 years old. Screamings doesn't necessarily damage the voice. And I hate when people are making this random association : becoming older = becoming softer = becoming more mature. Now, if LP continue making musi