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  1. Victimized/Qwerty looks so f*cking insane. I can't wait to hear that!
  2. Good choice with the LT songs I guess, those are definitely the most energetic and live-style songs from the record. Some of them could eventually become live anthem (especially LITE ) And I'm happy they'll be playing Victimized, it would be killer if they added a new outro to make it longer! Now, regarding the older songs, I'm just hoping for APFMH, With You, and POA to stay in the set.
  3. The stage looks cool. Hope the video will deliver well, and f*ck slow motion seriously. I don't want that shit anymore lol
  4. Everyone is giving their favorite-least favorite list....I personaly can't make one. I only know HT and HTEP are my favorite. Then there are songs on each record I love, and other I don't like so much. But there isn't a single one I really hate.
  5. That has to be one of the most harsh review I've read about LT through all the web. Even the haters didn't hated it that much I guess. It's kind of weird coming from LPL fondator, but well, sure you have to like electro stuff to appreciate this record.
  6. I'm still surprised at how awesome this record is. I don't dislike a single song, there isn't a single one when I'm thinking "This is LP, I should like it, let's find something positive about it!". In the pre-release interviews, band members said it's the first time since a while they didn't avoid anything in their music process. I can seriously feel it in the music, there aren't tracks that feel forced or weird for the sake of it. And the folk experimentation is incorporated in such a very good way. Also, Victimized is the shit. Awesome song. I love the way it goes from Mike soft vo
  7. That's what I was about to say!
  8. Lost In The Echo could be a massive hit if you ask me.
  9. Well, it wasn't exactly back up vocals on this one. You'll see
  10. Victimized, nu metal? I'm not a nu metal hater, but this song is very very very very far from the nu-metal standarts. It's more of a punk-rock-electro-hardcore-hip-hop songs...that genre don't exist, but well, you can't really categorize Victimized. Also, the guy singing at the end of UIB is Brad, it was said in an interview
  11. I'm lazy, so I'm will quote what I said on LPA... This album is f*cking freaking amazing. And to be honest, this is the first time I'm saying this after a new LP release. With MTM and ATS, I was disappointed at first. This album just blew me away with the first listen. It's energetic, it's weird, but weird in a good way. Lost In The Echo is....I don't even have words, I was smiling all the way the first time I heard it. Castles Of Glass and Skin To bone and Until It Breaks....This is what I wanted ATS to be. I usually prefer LP more heavy stuff, but those 3 songs were m
  12. First, props to LP Russia for organizing the flashmobs, wheter they were bad or not is just opinions, the main fact is that they organized flashmobs and had fun, so it's all good. Now, into this.... Ok, I'll be honest, and say I was expecting a reaction like that since...well, since the begining of the tour. Because watching the crownds reaction show after show, I was thinking the f*cking same. Now during LP shows, most of the people are just standing there, filming the show. They don't jump, they don't mosh, they're just f*cking silent + filming. I can understand some want to have souv
  13. If Qwerty made it into this set, it would be bad. Because I would so f*cking jealous of the f*ckers who would enjoy that setlist!! Anyway, yes, I agree with the crownd reaction. They should be moshing as ever, instead of filming it. But at least, it did let us see that performance.
  14. I think Mike's post is more about the hype than about getting us buy the record. He know that most of the people who read his blog are hardcore LP fans who have already preordered LT anyway, so listening to the leak would not make them not buy the record, it would just makes them listening to it earlier. The way I see it, he's just trying to make Living Things release more special to some people. It's like the longest you wait, the bigest the excitement will be. And there's a weird feeling when you get the physical record in your hands, but you don't know how it will sound. Of course, it
  15. Don't jump up the guns on Crawling being dropped, I'm almost sur it will be played again at other shows Anyway, Blackout + Lies + APFMH + Given UP ...wow, I bet this set won't last long, good way to break Chester's voice
  16. Personnaly, I have never said I judged LP perfomance. Seeing the youtubes videos, I'm sure it was great. Energetic, good Chester vocals, ect. I think people are disappointed of the lame crownd, not of the band. Because it wasn't supposed to be a lame crownd, it was supposed to be a freaking rocking crownd. Seeing all thoses guys standing silent while they were all going insane in the past of RAR performance, it sucks very hard I'd say. You can't compare that to the early 2000 shows. LP wasn't famous back then, hardly anybody gave a shit, but it was more "logical". Back then, LP was just a l
  17. I knew it. As soon as LP announced they would have a new record out this summer, I knew people who wouldn't like the album would say this. Exactly this. The whole "It was too soon to make a new record, they rushed the process, they should have taken more time to make something more awesome". First, if LP members think this album is good enough to be released, I don't see why they should take more time to rewrite songs again and again. It would just lead them to "overthink" a song for the sake of it, and THAT would be dishonest. Second, you're being negative about the whole record while
  18. WTF Rock Am Ring?! That crowd was so shitty I feel bad for LP. And it's even more lame for a crownd who used to be great during LP shows. I'm not even interested to see proshots of this anymore.
  19. I can now officialy say : FUCK YOU, warner! Good night.
  20. I like them too, but I don't really know a lot of their stuff. I personnaly prefer MH though.
  21. F*ck this, where is that promised LP 3 song stream? Wow, we all got f*cking trolled on this one. ***btw haters can hate whatever they want, but Machine Head is great
  22. Rock am Ring insane crownd + current setlist.....it's gonna be a freaking rocking show! I would have loved to go there, it's not that far away from where I live but stupid exams period didn't allow me to do so.
  23. The guy who trolled us with the forgotten rumor.....need to be...destroyed. Great setlist anyway
  24. With You That's was a difficult choice, Bleed It Out, the Medley, and even Lies Greed Misery were awesome too!
  25. If this setlist is being played at Rock Am Ring..... The crownd will not survive. Seriously, it will be mosh pit after mosh pit Such an awesome selist.