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  1. Around The Fur is waaaaaaaaaay better than 99% of nu-metal records if you ask me. I also consider it as a landmark heavy record, one of my favorites ever actually. So I'm very pleased to see Chester is also a fan of it!
  2. Maaaaaan..... I feel like this record could become my favorite from the band. We'll see
  3. According to the song descriptions we had, Until It's Gone is more of a mid-tempo track with softer vocals from Chester. Sounds more calibrated for radios than GATS was
  4. AMAZING art! Fuck yes, those are exciting times
  5. Depends of the lenghts of the songs. If there are many 4 or 5 min long ones, then you can easily throw in some interludes.
  6. Pretty awesome tracklist! And the addition of Tom Morello is great. Talk about how to choose the right guests I feel like the album will contain not one, but two interludes though. Dunno, just a feeling.
  7. Oh man. Do what you have to do, but be aware that you look like a condescending mature-wannabe guy with this attitude of "Oh. Poor little guy who still listen to nu-metal in 2014. Sorry, I shouldn't have bashed that shitty teen music". BTW, still enjoying that in 2014 doesn't stop me from also enjoying Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, or NIN in 2014. See, things that are generally considered godly by music listeners. And I still maintain that LP is considered as a mainstream average band in the music world. Go to any critics website or non-LP forum, and you'll see how they get bashed constantly. Yeah, they have a lot of FB fans....and I'm sure a lot of them are also nu-metal fans. That either means that nu-metal is considered as good in the music world because "lot of FB fans ya know", or that FB fans count doesn't mean anything in regard to the music world opinion. Bieber has also a lot of FB fans.
  8. Who the fuck cares about what the music world might think though. If you wanna play that game, then the music WORLD opinion is that Linkin Park is a bad/average mainstream band. I certainly don't want LP to go back to nu-metal, but the nu-metal dissing isn't really necessary either.
  9. If this is the real thing, it's a badass tracklist we got there! GATS being the first song would totally makes sense with that long intro. Especially the transition from the "garage" sound to the HQ sound in the first few seconds makes it a very likely album opener. My only small disappointment with this (again, if it's the real thing) is that the only song (name) that got scrapped is "Final Masquerade", which was my favorite so far. Oh well, not a big deal I guess
  10. ^It would be a little bit of a waste of potential if there isn't any screaming on the record. If you want to get as intense and visceral as it gets, Chester scream is a gift. That said, I would totally get it if there isn't more screaming than usual, as it would be too obvious of a choice for a heavy record. Anyway, HYPED. So far, I have loved every bits of information we have gotten on the album
  11. That technicality part refers to LP6 though, and not to HT
  12. This record is shaping up to be a great one, really. Can't wait!! And yep, the guest contradiction is kinda random...
  13. I have rarely, if ever, been so excited about a future LP release. An unexpected guitar-driven musical direction, more longer songs, more intensity and agression, more guitar solos, more collaborations, an ambitious mindset "to fill a void".... Bring on the record LP!
  14. LP really released some surprising shit right there. Pumped for the record!
  15. DAMN. Absolutely fucking mindblowing!!!!! It's like....the least probable thing I ever imagined LP to do. I'm speechless.
  16. Can't listen for now. This is torture ahah
  17. I didn't know any song easy to write automatically equated to it being "hilariously awful". Thanks for the head up man!
  18. I think it's more probable we get to hear about that potential collab with Transformers 4 than about the new album. I've read on LP Association that the first TF4 trailer will surface this week. And we know LP have been working on a song for a movie not so long ago. Timing seems to fit.
  19. First reason ATS took that long is because they toured for way longer before. They weren't making ATS during all those 4 years
  20. I actually like the drums in Primo a lot. Make a nice contrast with the softer vibe of the other elements in the song. Anyway, LPU XIII review Basquiat: the synth in the intro sounds really cool, and also, nice guitar work throughout the song. Sounds dark and menacing. Overall, the demo is a bit repetitive though, it lacks new elements adding up as it goes on. Despite that, one of the best MTM instrumentals we have gotten over the years if you ask me. 7/10 Holding Company: nice chill/happy vibe, and the synth has something kind of smooth about it. The drums are pretty great there, really contribute to make the demo more epic. That bass synth which appaer before the second chorus is entertaining too. On the bad side of things, the whole demo is such long in contrast to what it has to offer. 6/10 Primo:cool structure, very ATS-like. I prefer this version of the chorus over the final one, better melody + better Chester's vocals in my opinion. The arppegiato-thing in the outro is great, and when Chester's vocals pops up to sing what has turned into the bridge lyrics, it really becomes epic! 8/10 Hemisphere: on the one side, this demo had a great, great bass sound. The glitchy drums are adding up to that, making it a nice electronic track. On the other side, the synth loop is getting repetitive and annoying after a while. Overall a decent instrumental 6/10 Cumulus: until the chorus comes in, it sounds really different for a Meteora-era demo. As Halo, it seems like this one tended more towards the experimental side of things, at that time. Nice guitar work in the chorus. Bridge is nothing special though. 6/10 Pretty Birdy: as someone said, sounds more or less like a garage band cover of SIB. Some nice things there and there, especially the drums. Bridge is also different. Nothing special overall, I would probably have enjoyed this more if SIB hadn't existed 5/10 Universe: piano sounds cool, but other than that, the whole track feels rather repetitive and gets boring. Interesting to know that this one didn't turned into a LP song, but into the Music For Relief track "Ressurection"...which I have never been a fan of, unfortunately 4/10 Apache: now this feels like a real song, and not like some random demos mashed together! The beat is consistant, and that different chorus trully was something special. Kind of psychedelic, with a a pretty nice glitchy guitar work behind it. I wish this was turned into a entire song, rather than it being included UIB. 7/10 Foot Patrol: that half-sung, half-rapped intro from Mike is nice and different from what he's usually doing vocally. Not much more to say about this demo, but it for sure feels unfinished 4/10 Three Band Terror: the guitar there is brilliant, and Brad vocals are decent. As a whole though the demo sounds like something I could potentially have heard from a a ton of other bands. I mean, it's an acoustic guitar song, nothing more. Then, it might or might not be your cup of tea. 6/10 ------- Truth Inside a Lie: lol at the song's name! Otherwise, it's an ok instrumental I guess, kind of like those from the Meteora era. 5/10 Change: cool melody,hook,and energy. And also,something important, the singer is talented! The structure feels a little bit stale though, and the overal sounds isn't really something outstanding or daring. 6/10 Conclusion -> not a bad LPU CD, that's for sure, and definitely better than those which were released before LPU 9. Well, maybe except LPU2. But I feel like a totally new and exclusive song with vocals was missing this year. Something like Across The Line, So Far Away, or I Have Not begun. It would have made the whole package feel more complete. Nevermind I guess. Anyway, it's always cool to get a prospect inside LP creative process, and those demos released on a yearly basis help doing that, which I'm, as the previous year, thankfull for
  21. One of those damn heavy MTM demo!!!! Are they so shitty that LP doesn't seem like they want to ever release them? ahah It just bugs me we still havn't got a single one of them. After all, Chester genuinely though they were album material worthy, since he went as far as to say "MTM will be our heaviest record yet". And he has referenced those demos a lot of times since then, speaking about "Monster heavy songs" with "crushing guitars". Or that "thoughts that take away my pride" Meteora demo, to join the bandwagon. I'd like to hear it too. So 1. Heavy MTM demo 2. Don't Stay (Spanish vibe guitar) 3. Chicken Basket (ATS demo) 4. When They Come For Me (demo) 5. Sakura (ATS demo 2) 6." thoughts that take away my pride" demo 7. Heavy MTM demo 2 8. 1999 unknowd HT demo (if there are still some) 9. Blackout demo 10. Tinfoil (Powerless demo)
  22. Oh well. If it isn't out in 1 or 2 hours, I will check this out tomorrow. Might try to listen to the new CD without looking to the tracklist beforehand, it will be more fun
  23. More of that material would be really cool, indeed!
  24. Number of users/guests lurking in this thread right now makes me laugh I think it's cool we didn't have a leaked tracklist this time. Makes the final release more suprising!
  25. Once again, I'm hoping for some of that unfamous heavy MTM material to appear. Once again, I bet I'm gonna be disappointed in that regard Some 1998 demos ala "Slip" or "So Far Away" would be great too. Some ATS demos too, and as Astat said, I wouldn't be surprised if we get some this time. Worst scenario is if we only get remixes. That would be quite fucked up ahah.
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