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  1. I just feel like a lot of people hate this song because of how electro it is...Like you know, the common "it's not rock, it's pop electro bullshit, and where are the GUITARS????". Or close-minded things like that. That's where most of the complaints on youtube are coming from at least. Sure it has its bad sides, but it's nowhere that terrible or "worst lp song ever".
  2. Great great track!! I wasn't expecting it to sound like that at all, but what a killer song! Also, it was nice to see this connection between Mike and the fans during the BBC show:)
  3. Chester hates this track, not the band. I think someone in the band has to really like it and really wanted to play it again, since it's certainly not Chester who came with the idea. Awesome that they did it btw
  4. WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm like jumping alone in front of my computer lol....I'm so glad they played it again!! Also, Tinfoil, Sabotage, POA, Blackout, BID, POA....this setlist is freaking great, seriously
  5. I was going to post about those same 2 songs
  6. I like what I've heard, even if it sounds very dancy so far. Need to listen to the full song for judgment. Also....I just have a weird feeling, as I'm both happy and dissapointed at the same time. Happy to have finally get a snippet, but....disappointed to have listened to it! After those 2/3 weeks of waiting, I should probably have wait until monday for the full song. Oh well....ahah
  7. Yep, I had the same feeling some days ago. And this feeling was empowered by the poor quality leak and the super-catchy chorus in it. Guess it's good news for LP if it turns to be true
  8. Seriously, I think I have never been that excited for a new LP record since I'm following the band, around pre-MTM era. All of what has been said so far regarding the new record (more up-tempo, mixing old and new, heavier electronic elements....and the descriptions of 5 songs right here) have really got me pumped. Can't wait !!
  9. Yes, I think there's a secret conspiracy behind all of that. My bet...LP has gone illuminati.
  10. Agreed Not agreed. Too easy and too generic judgement. If distorted guitars are used the right way and in the right moment, they can be very pleasant.
  11. But maybe THEY want the guitars backs. Just saying... And more guitars doesn't necessarily means more heavy guitars. LP could experiment with tons of guitar pedals to get weird noises /original guitar textures. See what bands like Joy Formidable do with guitar pedals, it's pure awesomeness.
  12. I have the feeling some people are getting it wrong. I don't see it at all like a step back to Nu metal. Seriously, I see zero chances of getting songs like Forgotten, By Myself, Hit The Floor, or Don't Stay again. Apparently, if what they've said so far is true, the new album will be more of an uptempo record, while the last two were mid-tempo records, and in that way, it would reconnect with the old "full of energy"' LP. You can be "heavy and fast" without sounding nu-metal. And it wouldn't be a step-backward IMO.
  13. LOL ATS music wasn't shitty, it was just different! But still, I'm happy to see there won't be an ATS.20 (at least it seems so) Scans are online on site LP association
  14. If you haven't heard the soundtrack yet, all the tracks are on Mike's account on youtube. Go check them out! Anyway, I really enjoyed the soundtrack. Verry industrial-ish. I can feel the NIN influence
  15. I knew it, Shinoda + Moreno -> Dream Team...The track is SICK! Also, anyone noticed Mike used in the song the OP-1 demo he posted on his blog a while ago? This one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC0BYtpYq6A
  16. Really curious about the score. I really like the tunes we can hear in the official trailers.
  17. Really cool to see the rumor confirmed. Doesn't matter if LB is playing the same day. I must be one of the only LPL members who enjoy this band, but still....
  18. F*ck yeah! Anyway, cool to see them announcing more dates
  19. Lol! Good joke. ATS is obviously more of a departure than MTM. I don't even need to argument on that. I know MTM is your favorite record but still, you need to be objective. When did they say that? if it was before ATS, it doesn't make sense to report it. And I don't think MTM is Chester's favorite album so far. I remember him saying "ATS is the only record we've made I like all the songs from"
  20. Well, I'd say Announcement Service Public Qwerty What We Don't Know I Have Not Begun Dedicated Across The Line Slip And One Caroussel Pale (or Program, hard to choose) Wish (Live)
  21. Voted for Slip. But I would have voted for Broken Foot if I knowed it hasn't get any votes
  22. Qwerty18

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Yes, it's true, good find! Anyway, after having listened to the cd 2 times, I have to say it's pure gold. I'm totally enjoying the old school spirit that lot of the songs have. To me, Slip could even have been on HT instead of Runaway. Broken Foot is kickass, even though the intro/outro riff makes me think of A-six and lacks of originaly. Program is really really good too. And strangely, I feel like Robot boy is in better place on this CD than on ATS. It brings on a calm and cool vibe after some heavy riffs, while in ATS, it comes way too soon on the record, only making me feel more sleepy after The Requiem and BITS. But maybe that's only me
  23. Qwerty18

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Wow, that tracklisting....it just looks freaking sweet! So happy they're sharing demos again
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