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  1. The micros problems somehow ruins the bridge, but that's not a big deal, the video remains amazing!
  2. Lol, I was about to post the same exact reply... Anyway, from what we can see here, the video looks weird...Which is not necessarily a bad thing, I'm even more curious to see it now.
  3. When They Come For Me (Diplo Remix). Not that good if you ask me...
  4. Wow. Chester screams brutal here. Thanks!
  5. Ahah, finally the site is back! And I'm f*cking pumped for the exclusive...a proshot with LP and Jonathan Davis on the same stage have to be awesome \m/
  6. In regard of this vote, A Place For My Head definitely need to be back in LP setlists!
  7. Aren't the remix included on The Catalyst EP official? Edit : I mean The Catalyst (Bobby Bloomfield) The Catalyst (feat. DJ Endorphin) The Catalyst (feat. Cale Pellick)
  8. This thread makes me realize how good Fort Minor is. I can't chosse just one song...but some of my favorites include Kenji, There They Go, Red To Black, Slip Out The Back, and Cigarettes.
  9. Yay! WFTE won't win. It was my fear since the beginning...even if I love the song, I don't think it's LP's best. I'm voting Faint.
  10. Whaaaat? Joe Hahn, you're....you're....you're f*cking *$$*::% I mean not cool!
  11. You said it yourself, it would better represent their direction right now (which can still change btw). But in my logic, a good show have to represent a band in its entirety, and show all of its faces, not only their current sound. Linkin Park is not only ATS. They actually have an angsty side. So, to me, a cohesive set have to show that. But a guess this is only a matter of different opinions.... I agree on the fact the more important thing is to enjoy the show btw.
  12. Set ZX89456CC2 (a.k.a set kick you face!) New Divide (Long synth Intro) Wretches And Kings Don't Stay Papercut Given Up (short outro) No More Sorrow (long Intro) Empty Space + When They Come For Me Figure.09 (2004 outro, into…) From The Inside Jornada Del Muerto Waiting For The End Across The Line Numb Irridescent The Catayst What I've Done (AMBO intro) Crawling In The End Faint (Outro) Bleed It Out (BITS bridge) ------------------- QWERTY Blackout A Place For My Head One Step Closer (Outro) Rock the encore! \m/
  13. My point?Hm....to express my opinion maybe? You said a setlist without OSC and with tons of ATS stuff would be the best ever. And I was simply answering I fully disagree with you. Then, after, I respect the fact you don't like some of LP old songs. But the way you're talking about it, it just seems like "I love ATS. So just play ATS live. And f*ck the other fans who love the other songs."
  14. No way. You maybe don't like it, but OSC remains a fan favorite, and one of Linkin Park biggest hits. Not to mention the fact it gets the crownd going crazy, which is not the case of some ATS songs. So it will stay in the setlist for a very long time. And personaly, I'm very happy with that.
  15. Holy shit...WTCFM is gone.... But the top 3 looks still sexy to me anyway. Waiting For The End!
  16. It seems like they've already gotten sick of WAK, which seemed to be the funniest song from ATS live. Weird.
  17. Don't Stay and A Place For My Head are my favorite to play on guitar. Qwerty riff has to be really fun too, but I have never really tried to do it...
  18. Qwerty18

    "Set B13"

    Now they're on tour, I know they won't do it since it needs an other guitar (and maybe other things, not sure). But they could have token the right material before starting the tour. Nevermind. I'm not complaining. They could eventually prepare what's necessary for playing it during the summer tour. That's why I keep asking this song, to show I'm still interested in it. Because obviously, it will never see the light of the day again if fans don't request it.
  19. Qwerty18

    "Set B13"

    Agreed. But with their last 2 albums being such very soft, it's kind of logic their setlists are becoming slower too...They want to make shows that represent all eras of the band, and I think they've succeeded in it. However, I would be super happy to see 1 or 2 old heavy songs (Figure? With You?) back in the set, obviously.
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