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  1. Bruiser and Space Station are awesome! I like them way more than Complimentary Also, how strange to have samples of unreleased LP songs (Chicken Baskets, Sakura,...) without having actually hear those songs?
  2. Mike being the brain of the band isn't new to me lol However, I think we don't give Brad enough credit for what he does in the music process. In LPTVs/making of records, we can often see both him and Mike discussing where the songs should be going.
  3. Even if it was a little forced, I'm still glad we got Condemned. Definitely a favorite of mine, along with Walking In Circles.
  4. Yeah, Kittie was one of the few I didn't know either. Well, I knew the band, and I remember Mike saying a while ago (during the HT or Meteora days) that he liked it, but I had never heard that particular song... the riff in it is seriously awesome !
  5. Ah, it was nice to hear those songs again! And as I said earlier in this thread, who cares if a genre is "dead" or not? The main thing is, some people are still enjoying it, deal with it
  6. Honestly, I'm not really interested. LP videos have kind of sucked lately. Yes, even COG, I'm not a fan of it.
  7. Qwerty in 2006 has to be his most brutal performance ever. To me, his screams during that performance were simply on fucking point...Love it!
  8. That x100000 Maybe The Messenger in place of Robot Boy, which I kinda enjoy, though
  9. LOl that thread might be fun! 1. Clarity (Like it, but it would be so boooring as an opener) 2. Fallout. (...especially followed by this...) 3. Irridescent (and this) 4. Robot Boy (and so on...) 5. Wisdom Justice Love 6. Leave Out All The Rest 7. Shadow of The Day 8. Random Foreword 9. In Between (I like it, but it would just be ridiculous to see it introduced by foreword) 10. Random Foreword 2 11. Burn It Down (commercial single era begins) 12. What I've Done 13. New Divide 14. Numb 15. In The End (and commercial single era ends) 16. Last Random Foreword 17. Not Alone 18. Breaking The Habbit (just because it contradict so well the positive lyrics of Not Alone) ENCORE 19. In The End (For the hype, let's replay it!) 20. The Messenger 21. Nobody's listening 22. Sweet Child Of Mine Cover (short version : first verse - chorus- end) ENCORE 2 23. The band coming on stage, telling the crowd that "Nah, you know, the show is really over, deal with it! "
  10. Yep, I agree with this. Telling people to stop listening to a musical style because it's supposed to be dead is ridiculous. Personnaly, I love nu-metal, 80's new wave music, 90's grunge and other genres that aren't really trendy to do anymore. But who cares, since I still enjoy listening to that music
  11. I'm too lazy to make an entire tracklist, but here is how it would have begun.... 1. Annoncement Service Public 2. Qwerty 3. Across The Line (with the heavy intro - acetate version) 4. What We Don't Know 5. Asbestos (a completed version) + Wake transition into.. 6. Given Up I have this tracklist in my music library, and I love the tone MTM could have had with such songs. For the other tracks, I'd have included Blackbirds, In Pieces, TLTGYA, No More Sorrow, HHH, and NRL, but I don't know the order. Maybe WID and BIO. Also, maybe Pale as an interlude, but in a shortened form. 5 min instrumental would have broken the flow of the record Exit : LOATR, SOTD, Valentine's Day, In Between.
  12. Waiting for confirmation from the members here who heard it, but I think this could really be Bruiser (only a snippet though)...It fits the description, and it sounds very LP-ish.
  13. Not possible. The BMI repertoire don't mention demos titles of released song (Bang Three, Drum Songs, Fear are not on it for example). Debris and HHH are both listed in that repertoire, so they're totally different songs.
  14. Asbestos And So Far way are my favorite. Voted for the first one, I like it a little better.
  15. I love this new release! Pepper, Ominous, and So Far Away all have that old LP vibe I'm a fan of (and I'm not even talking about the heavy guitars, it's more about the samples, and Mike melodies in So far away). So far Away might be my favorite on the CD. So fucking happy we're getting a new unreleased HT-era track! Now, the MTM material. First, I have to say, it was a nice surprise to see that much material from that era. But some of those are the less good stuff on the CD I guess... Homecoming and Asbestos are really amazing though! Nice to finally get some MTM heavier demos. The only thing I missed with LPU12 was 1 or 2 ATS demos, which would have been a better addition to the CD than POA and Forgotten demos I think. But anyway, I just have to thank LP for giving us the opportunity to have an insight in their music process. That's not really common in the music business, and the simple fact we're getting those demos is awesome.
  16. I'd say yes, since it was probably written for their next album. Even if at the time, they didn't know it would be called MTM and all.
  17. Out of 365 days, that server problem had to happen today.
  18. Yep, LPU down. Maybe I've talked too fast when saying it wouldn't surface today
  19. We can't tell. In regards to what Adam tweeted recently, I wouldn't expect LPU12 to surface today, but who knows.
  20. I'm really excited about this CD! The cover looks pretty good too And yeah wtf happened with Bruiser? I remember people talking about it months ago, and it still hasn't surfaced ahah
  21. 16th. I've feeling it's gonna surface on friday. We'll see.
  22. LPU11 was great to me. But anyway, even we can't tell if this CD will be less powerchords heavy or not , there's still a high chance we get at least 2 or 3 songs with it. Meteora or HT demos will probably have some. Maybe even the MTM ones. (which would be great to me, since the MTM powerchords songs are such different and heavier than their other powerchords songs!) I though the same thing while figuring out there were MTM demos!
  23. The BMI page which list all of the songs written by Mike has been updated http://repertoire.bmi.com 8 new songs titles have been added :Asbestos, Bunker , Clarity , Debris , Homecoming , Ominous , Pepper and So far away BMI is an American organization for the protection of copyright. These songs are written by Linkin Park. This source is 100% reliable, so those are likely to be the songs which will appear on LPU12. Bunker and Clarity are MTM demos titles which appear in the Making of MTM (when Brad is showing some demos titles) . I don't know about the others
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