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  1. I don't understand LP fans rejoicing over this. Sounds like Chester is "their toy" which should only belong to "their favorite band", aka LP. At worst, if I didn't enjoy STP, I would just be indifferent to this sort of news.
  2. I really hope they will include GATS and ALITS in the same set, one day. In my opinion, GATS really was the best live song from THP so far, and ALITS has made a big impression on me too now. On the opposite, they should just get rid of Wastelands.
  3. Yeah, because a CD full of live performances you can as well watch on Youtube would be infinitely better.
  4. I don't think LP has a lot of tracks like ATL in their vault. Maybe there are none at this point.
  5. That was an interesting listen, and I have to say, I am really surprised at the raw, heavy, dirty sound of those ATS demos. Also, I just love the fact that all of those, except for BTH, were totally unknown tracks. It just feels better, in my opinion, to discover brand new stuff rather than alternative versions of old stuff. Favorite tracks: Aubrey One, Blanka, Rhinocerous
  6. I can't get over how good this record is. I'll see what I think in a month or two. But if things keep going this way, I now have my new favorite LP album.
  7. Man, this album. This fucking album. Never would I have though LP being able to pull this off so well. I quite enjoy LT, but this record is a million times more intersting to me. It's not even close. I can't describe how happy I feel right now. And while it's true that my hype is influencing my opinion at the moment, I can still safely I have never been that excited after a first listen of a LP album.
  8. Good song, I like it! Verse 2 and bridge are indeed the best parts
  9. Damn. That hip hop medley is great. And DAT Joe Solo...fucking genius. I'm very pleased with this set. Hopefully they'll keep it for RIR!
  10. Good song. I prefered GATS, but this is nice too
  11. Wow, that snippet just sounds epic as shit! What a vibe Seriously, if things carry on this way, I'm definitely joining the "Might become my favorite LP record" wagon.
  12. Sure? It's weird, because.... And yeah, btw, Chester hates nu-metal. Unfortunately, I don't take Chester's opinion as godly.
  13. Around The Fur is waaaaaaaaaay better than 99% of nu-metal records if you ask me. I also consider it as a landmark heavy record, one of my favorites ever actually. So I'm very pleased to see Chester is also a fan of it!
  14. Maaaaaan..... I feel like this record could become my favorite from the band. We'll see
  15. According to the song descriptions we had, Until It's Gone is more of a mid-tempo track with softer vocals from Chester. Sounds more calibrated for radios than GATS was
  16. AMAZING art! Fuck yes, those are exciting times
  17. Depends of the lenghts of the songs. If there are many 4 or 5 min long ones, then you can easily throw in some interludes.
  18. Pretty awesome tracklist! And the addition of Tom Morello is great. Talk about how to choose the right guests I feel like the album will contain not one, but two interludes though. Dunno, just a feeling.
  19. Oh man. Do what you have to do, but be aware that you look like a condescending mature-wannabe guy with this attitude of "Oh. Poor little guy who still listen to nu-metal in 2014. Sorry, I shouldn't have bashed that shitty teen music". BTW, still enjoying that in 2014 doesn't stop me from also enjoying Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, or NIN in 2014. See, things that are generally considered godly by music listeners. And I still maintain that LP is considered as a mainstream average band in the music world. Go to any critics website or non-LP forum, and you'll see how they get bashed constantly. Yeah, they have a lot of FB fans....and I'm sure a lot of them are also nu-metal fans. That either means that nu-metal is considered as good in the music world because "lot of FB fans ya know", or that FB fans count doesn't mean anything in regard to the music world opinion. Bieber has also a lot of FB fans.
  20. Who the fuck cares about what the music world might think though. If you wanna play that game, then the music WORLD opinion is that Linkin Park is a bad/average mainstream band. I certainly don't want LP to go back to nu-metal, but the nu-metal dissing isn't really necessary either.
  21. If this is the real thing, it's a badass tracklist we got there! GATS being the first song would totally makes sense with that long intro. Especially the transition from the "garage" sound to the HQ sound in the first few seconds makes it a very likely album opener. My only small disappointment with this (again, if it's the real thing) is that the only song (name) that got scrapped is "Final Masquerade", which was my favorite so far. Oh well, not a big deal I guess
  22. ^It would be a little bit of a waste of potential if there isn't any screaming on the record. If you want to get as intense and visceral as it gets, Chester scream is a gift. That said, I would totally get it if there isn't more screaming than usual, as it would be too obvious of a choice for a heavy record. Anyway, HYPED. So far, I have loved every bits of information we have gotten on the album
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