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  1. More emotional? Really? The first one was already pretty mellow More raw is good news though !
  2. I'm hoping for the tracklist to be revealed during the Cap Town Summit...we never know...
  3. Curiosity. But personally, I'm not crying for it
  4. Ohoh, I wasn't aware of that chat, but it seems interesting, I need to find a transcript now ^^ Anyway, if it's really the case, I might be alone or not on this, but I'm glad there won't be LT demos on the CD Personally, I prefer to get demos we have wanted for a long amount of time. LT is still fresh, I will probably be more curious about it when the LT era will be 4/5 years old, if it makes sense.
  5. Honestly, I'd be fine if COG was the last LT single. But if you wanna do something trully special, then choose UIB as a single! Or Victimized Not sure if it would do well in the charts, but it would be funny for sure!
  6. At this point, there must be something like a month left before the CD surfaces.... I'm mostly excited about unknow MTM demos this time. Some heavy material from the time would be awesome. And if not, other from MTM. I don't know, I'm in a phase where I want to hear more material from this era ahah
  7. Yep, I don't think they will do anything either, but if they do, I would like the same 2 songs.
  8. Papercut BTH Given Up (love the raw feel) Waiting For The End COG Probably.
  9. What a monster f*cking amazing crownd!!! The pit is really really into it during OSC. Wow. Also, great performance / arena / lights/ mix (even if the stream quality is not at the top for the moment)... I would love to have the complete show. Rather have this one complete than the Home Depot Center one
  10. Lol. I can't understand how exclusive new music, even if instrumental, would be boring... Not so long ago, we were getting a Breaking The Habbit live version every year. Now, that was boring.
  11. Honestly, I wouldn't like that. I pretty much prefer when they give us some materials that we have never heard before. Stuff like Slip, Blue, Broken Foot, What We Don't Know, I Have Not Begun, Pale .... Demos of released songs are cool but we already know how those sounds. Sure there would be some variations, but even then...I think demos of unreleased songs are way more exclusives and fun to discover. Even if they're instrumentals. Because those are totally new music, and not 50% new. On the other side, I'm pretty excited to hear the MTM demos Mike told you about at the summit. I just hope those are totally new, and not demos of LTGYA/In between/....
  12. I usually don't buy/download DSPs, but I might pick up the Candem's one when it's released. Epic setlist, epic performance!
  13. Yep, I love the fact that the band has so much energy on this tour. Shit, the show in candem had maybe one of the heaviest setlist LP has ever done. APFMH, Given UP, Victimized/Qwerty, OSC, Faint, LGM, POA, With You, WTCFM...all in the same set! I never though it would happen during the ATS days, as the setlists were turning softer and softer. And also, the band's presence on stage is awesome. Chester's going freaking mad. Just look at him during the Victimized/Qwerty transition at Candem show. I didn't though the band still had that much power, it's really a good surprise!
  14. I've got chills. LITE sounds so freaking anthemic live, it's awesome!
  15. And OSC closing. Pretty solid set. I would only prefer POA, APFMH and Blackout instead of SIB, LFY, and WTCFM. But set is already great anyway.
  16. Now it would be epic if they opened the encore with LITE!
  17. Wow. Killer stuff right there. The only thing I would improve would be the transition from Victimized bridge to Qwerty Bridge. It doesn't sound natural, but other than that, this is awesome. If the pit doesn't react to this, shame on it!
  18. Victimized/Qwerty looks so f*cking insane. I can't wait to hear that!
  19. Good choice with the LT songs I guess, those are definitely the most energetic and live-style songs from the record. Some of them could eventually become live anthem (especially LITE ) And I'm happy they'll be playing Victimized, it would be killer if they added a new outro to make it longer! Now, regarding the older songs, I'm just hoping for APFMH, With You, and POA to stay in the set.
  20. The stage looks cool. Hope the video will deliver well, and f*ck slow motion seriously. I don't want that shit anymore lol
  21. Everyone is giving their favorite-least favorite list....I personaly can't make one. I only know HT and HTEP are my favorite. Then there are songs on each record I love, and other I don't like so much. But there isn't a single one I really hate.
  22. That has to be one of the most harsh review I've read about LT through all the web. Even the haters didn't hated it that much I guess. It's kind of weird coming from LPL fondator, but well, sure you have to like electro stuff to appreciate this record.
  23. I'm still surprised at how awesome this record is. I don't dislike a single song, there isn't a single one when I'm thinking "This is LP, I should like it, let's find something positive about it!". In the pre-release interviews, band members said it's the first time since a while they didn't avoid anything in their music process. I can seriously feel it in the music, there aren't tracks that feel forced or weird for the sake of it. And the folk experimentation is incorporated in such a very good way. Also, Victimized is the shit. Awesome song. I love the way it goes from Mike soft voice to Chester insane screamings.
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