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    "Set B13"

    Great setlist! Kicking out some of the interludes is win to me, they were way too much of it. However, now it's almost sure they won't play anything on this tour they haven't played in Europe/Australia. Setlist 3 will probably consist of switching songs again, with WaK and BITS back.
  2. So many people voting APFMH....it has to be a bad dream... Jk... But still, all my knowledge and my opinions about the world would be destroyed if this song looses instead of Waiting For The End.
  3. And me too. But I have to admit I totally hated it at first. Now it gets me stoned, and I enjoy that!
  4. BITS, by far! Weakest album debut ever, and my least favorite LP song in their entire catalog. I've probably already said it in other theads, but it reminds me of some random boysbands....
  5. Nastiest LP encore ever? Sounds exciting, let's see what happen!
  6. Finally, I'm going to say Papercut....Figure.09 is just too kickass to let it go...
  7. Difficult choice, but I'm gonna say No More Sorrow
  8. This! OSC should have made it to the top...^^ With you
  9. NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Qwerty is going to die.... But to be honest, I didn't think it would last that long, so that's a leaving with the honors!
  10. I was like 99,9 % sure of who would bring a complete answer to this thread....and I was correct! And yes, I just noticed "Jornada del muerto" actually have background guitars.....after 3 months....shamefull.....lol
  11. In pièces and TLGYA deserved maybe to last longer, but Irridescent and BTH were among the worst song from this election IMO. So I'm quite happy with them being eliminated. Everyone have different opinions...
  12. Well, in the video for "We Made it", you can see Mike and Chester saying the "oh!" , which are clearly said by Busta Rhymes in reality. I can guarantee you OSC studio is 100% Chester.
  13. But once again, Brad is very good at composing/arranging new songs! Really, he has to be the most underrated LP member ...
  14. Ahah, yeah, I tried to mix bands of different genres, since PR is an alternative festival in first place. Such line-up wouldn't be possible, sadly. Disturbed is coming from a pure metal/hard rock scene, and would never tour with acts like Get Busy Comittee or Crystal Castles.
  15. I would rather have Figure.09 back. That song haven't been played for an eternity, despite the fact it's a fan-favorite and a monster song live. We should show more interest to it, seriously! But anyway, I'm gonna join the petition.
  16. But agressivity is needed, obviously... I'm gonna donate a little, BTW
  17. I can see BITS in transformers 3. I don't like BITS and I don't like transformers. It fits well...
  18. I know Mike is the brain of LP, but we tend to forget Brad is also really important in the composition phase. Chester have already pointed it out a few times " ...some of the most prolific writers of our times, M.Sinoda and Brad Delson...."
  19. Main Stage Linkin Park Deftones NIN Jay Z Disturbed Revolution Stage Hollywood Undead Crystal Castles Get Busy Committee Lupe Fiasco The Glitch Mob Now that looks killer!
  20. Win! But seriously, I wouldn't like to reduce my life to 1 song...
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