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  1. I've listened to most of the tracks....Enjoyed all the Glitch Mob stuff (still wondering why so much Glitch Mob though?). Not a fan of the rest. Some tracks really makes me think of supermarket music.... But anyway, the help brought to Haiti thanks of this project is what really matter.
  2. Well done, I couldn't have said it better. Mike should see this! +1
  3. Wow, last round was such pretty close... Breaking The Habbit!
  4. "The Messenger" and "BITS" are definitely not for me. Especially BITS...I dislike everything about it: Mike vocals, the weak chorus, the weak piano parts, the guitar solo who sounds like I've already heard it 100000 times, and the drums sound. This song sounds very "boysband-ish" to me. The third song on that list is probably "Pretend to be". So, all in all: BITS The Messenger Pretend to be My 2 least favorite lp track are on ATS...but some other ATS tracks are among my favorite...weird...
  5. I though for a while this would be a good reason for LP to make a super heavy album and surprise everyone. But I don't believe in it anymore. If we look at LP music between 2007 and now, if we look at Mike recent music suggestions, if we look at LP web-radio,....it's obvious LP have indeed gone soft. Their music tastes have drastically changed since the HT-Meteora era, and 90% of the stuff they like now is alternative/ballads/rap/electronica. So how could they create something heavy? I can't picture myself Mike listening to Vampire Weekend, and then working on a metal song....
  6. LESS BALLAD! Damn, MTM and ATS (and even b-sides) are made 70/80% of that.Not that I don't like it, but if they continue in this direction, live shows will become sleepy. Next record could be hip hop or electro or pop...I don't care much, but more energy please! My secret dream would be a really heavy record though, but I'm almost sure it won't happen...
  7. I agree on the fact screaming well is more easy to do than singing well. BUT singing with this powerful/rough/half-screamed voice Chester use in HT is way more complicated than singing "softly". Even if he hits higher notes with the soft voice. I don't need to proove that. While Chester can nail the ATS songs live, just listen to how faint sounds live now. Or crawling. Or OSC. Or LFY. Chester can't do it anymore, the chorus have lost all of their agressivity. Because HT vocals need tons of skills, you can't deny it!
  8. HT is maybe the album I have listened the most in my life, and for me, it never gets old/repetitive. I guess this is just a matter of personnal tastes.... But anyway, if we talk about the musical value of a record, I know ATS is more complex than HT. It's obvious. At least instrumentally-spoken. However, as it goes about the vocals, I'm not even sure. I don't think Chester would still be able to sing the Crawling/With You/...chorus like he did in the past.
  9. I don't know why, but this made me laugh... As for the rest, I know HT is formulaic, but not as much as you pretend it is. Papercut has not really a final chorus, or at least it's different (with the "the suuuuuun....."thing). And there are no agressive/rough vocals during the chorus. Crawling has no brigde. Forgotten has a pre-bridge intro-thing OSC has loud guitars during all the song, not only chorus... And finally, some bridges are rapping, while other are screaming, while other are both, while other are singing...Some verses are rapping while other are singing....There's a similar structure throughout the album, but come on, it's not exactly the same!
  10. Hum...maybe for you, good music = intelligent, complex. But to me, good music = enjoyable. Simply enjoyable. An album can be pretty complex, but not pleasant to listen to.And a pop record can be pretty epic, even if the music is super simple. HT is more enjoyable to me than ATS (better melody, more energy), so I think it's better than ATS, even if it lacks complexity. There's a little bit of truth in what you're saying, but you're exaggerating. How the hell Papercut, One Step Closer, Crawling, Forgotten, and Cure For the Itch have the same structure and sound the same?!
  11. Oh well...I'm going to vote No Roads left this time...Irridescent may be a little better after all
  12. This! + 100000000000000 Hybrid Theory is just more "honnest" to me. ATS is a great record, but like Mike have said, while writing it, they tried to be the opposite of what they used to be. Something like "if we felt we had to go right, then we should probably go left". And, personnaly, I can feel that in the music. For exemple, the guitar in Irridescent (2nd verse) has not the LP-vibe in it, and I'm almost sure it didn't came out naturally. I can even picture Mike saying "No traditionnal LP guitar....so what about putting U2-style guitar on that song? Anyway, HT is my favorite album ever. I can't be objective if I say it's LP's best
  13. Finally it was...Foreword! Great debut, ah! I just listened to Meteora while doing some training...
  14. Wanna fight? But seriously, ok, you hates Qwerty, and all in all, you don't like heavy LP, you've already said it many times. Just get over with it
  15. Irridescent....but Part of Me is condemned anyway
  16. Qwerty18

    2010 -> 2011

    Happy new year! Unfortunately, I haven't seen an LP show in 2010, so my favorite moment is probably the first time I listened to ATS. When They Come For Me, Waiting For The End are among my favorite songs of the year...And, since it's also LP-related in a way, I saw 2 DBS shows, and it was badass!
  17. Seriously...I don't have a single idea.... Maybe Papercut, being track 1 on HT, and I haven't played this CD for a while...
  18. I don't know if Qwerty counts, since it's pre-MTM Otherwise, When They Come For Me .
  19. The final duel I guess...[turning into Super Saiyen]...WE HAVE TO FIGHT! My December.
  20. Wow, cool. I wonder if there will be any lp track on it...
  21. Live in texas haircut ftw! 3 or 4 years ago, I used to imitate it almost everyday. HT style, and some of the mohawks (NOT rock am ring!) are also cool.
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