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  1. Yep, this! Chester nailed every damn song, it's almost scary at times how much he sounds like Weiland. And also, those screams at the end of "Sex and Violence".
  2. Still a month, and we will be fixed!
  3. I wouldn't get my hopes too high about an heavy LP record I mean, of course there is a possibility this heavy stuff will have an influence, but it's also probable that Mike will listen to more mellow stuff in 2 months from now, and that this hypothetical mellow mood will end up being the most noticeable influence on the next record. What happened with MTM and "It will be our heaviest record yet" has told me to be careful with expectations about heavy LP music. Until I hear the music, I will not believe in it.
  4. Yes, it's cool to see that Mike has been listening to some heavy stuff lately! And this new playlist doesn't contain all of it. If you check out one of his other playlists, called "Sorting Through", some of the last albums in it are pretty heavy too. My favorite out of the stuff he added recently is the record "New Hopes, New Demonstrations" by the band "The Ghost of a Thousand", which I would recommand to everyone here I mean, listen to this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt_Zb3cJXcI
  5. As Geki just said, I highly doubt LP will ever put out an entire heavy record again. They will probably continue to make some harder songs, as in every post-2007 releases, but not a whole record.
  6. Wow, nice find! Really digging the song, has got that classic rock vibe.
  7. Agree on what have been said so far about Mike. If he leaves, there is no LP anymore, simple as that!
  8. Not only teenagers have the right to rock out But I agree with you anyway. I was thinking about it and came to the same conclusion. If STP puts out a record in the same vein of "Out of Time", then it seems more likely to me that Chester will be more interested in exploring other and more calm/electronic musical directions with LP. Which doesnt mean LP will totally abandon their rocky edge though, because Mike and the other guys like to write and play louder stuff too.
  9. It's not really against Chester, most of them reckon he is good and some are even saying he performed way better live than what their older singer did the last few years. But, they don't want STP to continue with that name with an other singer, because following to them, STP is not STP without the original voice of the band. I can understand. Not sure how I'd react if Chester was replaced in LP with an other singer.
  10. Very true. That's really great for him And btw, the song kicks ass! That's some rock'n'roll shit
  11. Chester new singer of STP? New song? Now? WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF ... I mean, WTF. Where is this all coming from all suddenly?!
  12. When I first saw a video of Wish performed live, I thought it was a legit new LP song. I didn't understood English at the time, so I didn't figured out they said it was an other band's song. Oh, and yes, this one is really bad but: Numb was the first LP song I ever heard, but soon after, I figured out a different version of it was often played on TV with a black MC. So...I thought Numb/Encore was the official song, and Numb was only a remix of it. How freaking dumb
  13. For years, I had fake versions of some songs on Collision Course. Those were mashup of the right songs, but fan-made. One of them was an OSC/99 Problems mashup, but it didn't have any apparent part of POA, so until the time I discovered the truth, I wondered why the fuck that song was named OSC/99 problems/POA. I also thought for some times that Under Attack was an official LP record. I thought a Grey Daze song (Sickness) was made by LP, until I discovered the existence of Grey Daze. I thought Chester was singing on the Adema song: "Giving In". There are probably others...
  14. Ahaha, WTF. Is it me or Mike is really screaming during OSC bridge? I mean, those are not even agressive shouting, but real screams. I don't recall Mike doing such in any other LP shows
  15. Now that I've heard a tease of it, I'd love to have the entire ATS demo "Chicken Basket". Mike said back then that this demo made him feel like he was on drugs. And damn, listen how awesome it sounds (0:46 onwards) And also, some of the super heavy songs from the MTM era, about which Mike still talked recently.
  16. Ah, it's pretty cool to see some people talking about this song! Vocal-wise, it's one of my favorite performance of Chester (including LP-stuff) . It sounds so raspy and evilish! I guess Condemned is the only other song I can think of where he uses that singing style. Unfortunately, I doubt Chester can still sing this way nowadays. Maybe he isn't even interested by it anymore. Anyway, facts are there :from ATS onwards, his raspy voice have been getting worse and worse live. And studio-wise, the amount of raspy parts have decreased a ton in their new material. ATS had WAK chorus. LT didn't really have one big raspy part, except for some lines ("...to burn it down!", "one last lies").
  17. Yep, no need to get into this argument, you wouldn't convince me anyway, even with all caps
  18. You've been hanging around on LPA too much... Just kidding, eh. But, there isn't such things as "musically immature". Lyrics can be immature, but not the music. Kids like heavy guitars? Good for them. That won't stop me for also liking them, even if I'm not exactly a kid anymore. And "accomplished what they wanted" argument is funny, since I guess, they accomplish what they want with each album release. They did wanted to make reminescent from the past music this time, and so they did.
  19. 1. Don't Stay (RIR 2004 intro) 2. QWERTY (2006 version) 3. Given Up 4. With You 5. When They Come For Me (Empty Space intro) 6. Lies Greed Misery 7. Points of Authority 8. Lost In The Echo (2012 intro) 9. Waiting For The End 10. Castle of Glass 11. High Voltage (2001 version) 12. Blackout 13. Figure.09 14. From The Inside 15. What I've Done (AMBO intro) 16. The Catalyst 17. P5hng Me A*wy 18. Powerless 19. Bleed It Out (Burning in the Sky or Sabotage cover) ENCORE 20. A Place For My Head 21. Papercut 22. Faint 23. One Step Closer
  20. Yep, this. Well, yes, since he said he liked The Catalyst and Burn It Down. To me, it sounded like he basically hated all LP stuff, the "old teeny nu metal stuff", and the "new pretentious stuff". Not that I care about what some random critics says btw. It's not the first time someone is bashing on LP, and it will not be the last.
  21. Don't stay or Figure would be great. They're designed to be live songs.
  22. I don't see anything negative about LP renewing their contract with Warner. The band seems to be free creatively, and the fact LP still is under Warner allows us to hear those old LP demos each year. And also, I'm pretty sure LP would loose a lot of popularity if it was not for Warner promotion. Honestly, I think that a lot of the people who want LP to leave Warner think that way because they assume LP will become much more creative if they go indie. Especially those who believe Living Things was made because of label pressure. This whole argument sounds artificial to me; I really think LP is doing what they want musically nowadays. So yes, if LP wants to leave, it's fine, and if they don't, it's fine. It really doesn't matter to me as long as they deliver music I enjoy.
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