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  1. Get rid of WJL and definitely have higher quality photos. It'll definitely be interesting to see what the band does.
  2. Did we ever find out what the setlist was?
  3. It would be amazing if they surprised us with another new setlist but I think it'll be one that they've already played.
  4. When you're at the show it's amazing everytime. You don't care about the setlist just as long as you're there enjoying yourself. Although, when I see the setlist here it looks like a poor setlist to me. Then again if I was at the show I wouldn't care and would come on these boards and tell you all how great it was. In my opinion, this setlist is tied for last with A1.
  5. Cool, looking forward to see what else is in this set.
  6. This some pretty awesome news. I imagine it would be at least an hour long on Fuse, if not then the full set. It would really be a bummer to hear it's only for 30 minutes. but I doubt it. Sucks that DirectTV doesn't have FuseHD and when I was with Dish I don't ever remember Fuse being in HD.
  7. When they film it just extend their slot to however long it takes Bet they would add older songs to the setlist perhaps, would be nice to see P5hng.
  8. Now that I see a bigger photo of the one up on ebay, that soldier looks like the one off my new shirt I bought off Amazon haha.
  9. I believe that was just fan made.
  10. Haha man, nobody likes playing that song in modern era.
  11. Borellus

    "Set B13"

    Pretty nice setlist they have shown us so far. They need P5hng!
  12. That sounds like a sick encore, when did they do that?
  13. Sucks Robot Boy won't be played this tour, but can't wait to hear it whenever they decide to play it.
  14. I'm curious to what changes to the setlist the band was going to do before they decided not to.
  15. Interesting...let's see how the rest of the night plans out.
  16. Congrats man, was a great review to read.
  17. People that went to the show, what kind of t-shirts did they have and how much?
  18. I gave that song more respect once I saw it on the Road To Revolution dvd, it's a great song. I think Shadow of the Day and Leave Out All the Rest are the songs that are boring and moodkillers.
  19. Surely there will be some surprises in the setlist sometime during this tour.
  20. I like the new look and it's great to see what the Top 5 are. Loving it.
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