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  1. What's the setlist, same as the last two shows?
  2. Same setlist, that'll mean next show is probably the same.
  3. Gah! SOTD is still in the setlist Overall the setlist looks great, but WID doesn't need to be the closer. I imagine we'll see more different setlists as time goes on so it'll only get better. When the US tour rolls around I'm sure we'll be thrilled at what they're playing.
  4. Weird setlist. Needs more Meteora loving. It's like they nearly played the entire ATS album 0_0!
  5. Can't rely on these people, I'll just wait until somebody actually sees the setlist.
  6. Alright, we'll get a sexy plane going like they do on the Muse forums Best be posting the setlist as it comes out on twitter in this thread.
  7. It looks pretty interesting, can't wait to check it out.
  8. The version off Songs From The Underground.
  9. I hope somebody asked what he has to say about the lyrics in When They Come For Me, the motive behind the song.
  10. Somebody tell him to bring back P5hng Me A*ay.
  11. Borellus

    P5hng Me Aw*y

    DEFINITELY! This song is amazing every time I listen to it on the Live In Texas. It would be epic to get them playing it again.
  12. Let us know if it's on again anytime soon. I saw some Sonisphere 2009 LP footage on Palladia a few weeks ago. It showed New Divide and had DBS come out and play 2 songs.
  13. Sounds epic, somebody should record this.
  14. Nice, this remix is pretty sick. Pendulum is epic.
  15. Cool, I'll watch it. Too bad it's not HD on DirectTV.
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