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  1. That's pretty sick, Rockband deal seems the best.
  2. It sounds great. The only flaw was no guitars but I'm sure other songs on the album will have them so it's cool
  3. File is not there to download anymore >_>
  4. Why does LP got to go this route for. I very much enjoyed HT and Meteora without the PA. Sometimes I find it when bands use curse words it seems childish to me, it's like they couldn't think of a better word to fit there so they just threw it in there. Save the cursing for live shows.
  5. Why listen to it on the radio when you get the single by then >_>
  6. Freaking sick, so stoked to hear the full version.
  7. I'm sure the full track will be epic.
  8. Borellus

    LPU9 Lyrics

    I'll just wait until the CD is actually released.
  9. You bet it did ruin it. What is up with them interviewing while the band plays, interview them people later. They should've interviewed DBS when everyone was skating.
  10. You have to be kidding me! During the Misfits song!? Somebody snipe that interviewer.
  11. They should just show DBS LIVE and have these stupid interviews as extras you can watch on the site later.
  12. It's back. Chester's vocals are great, Ryan's suck. He just needs to not sing, Chester's got it. EDIT: NVM, cut again.
  13. This is a joke, I waited for this. EDIT: I see DBS on that TV in the background.
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