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  1. HUZZAH! Finally A CHANGE!!!! I'll have to add this show to the list of DSP I want.
  2. Yes I was played last night in the US. Seriously, have good time tonight guys. Hope they switch it up!
  3. Borellus

    Live Setlists

    When LP suppose to do those poll songs? That would be the only time we could get older songs in the setlist but even then, who said LP will follow through on that poll song? Muse did the same thing before summer rolled around and they didn't even follow it when fans voted for older songs to be played.
  4. Cheers to HT, I'm spinin' this record today.
  5. Borellus

    Live Setlists

    I definitely think it sucks for the people who see multiple shows. With the amount of songs they have right now they should have at least 4 maybe 5 different setlist to use. They are playing 11-12 (counting interludes) of the 15 songs on ATS, I know it's the ATS tour but that's is alot of new material being played, nearly the whole album. Some nights ATS songs gotta be left out to add more Meteora/HT songs. Perhaps they will rotate setlist in the future but it's just odd only playing 1 setlist the whole time of touring, only exception is having BIO close instead of WID.
  6. What was the setlist? Same old same old?
  7. It'll be the same setlist without the mess ups, I bet on it
  8. My guess is that it's the same setlist as the previous show.
  9. C'mon somebody has got to be tweeting the setlist.
  10. My favorite LP album is the one after A Thousand Suns, joke. I like Meteora more than the others. I definitely think it's the band's most heaviest sound and it has some pretty sick looking artwork as well.
  11. I hope there's more Meteora songs in this one, please be a different setlist.
  12. Same setlist, dang! Hope they switch it up next show.
  13. Nice for the times, we'll be finding out the setlist quite early then
  14. Needs BITS and RB soon. I hope they play more Meteora songs.
  15. The Messenger, let's face it the song is good but it ain't the best on the album.
  16. I will wait until somebody uploads it somewhere.
  17. What, should've had some Meteora songs in there. I wonder how much guitar is actually in Blackout, Waiting For The End, and The Catalyst.
  18. Can't wait, although last time I tried to download a show I bought it kept screwing up on me. I had to have a friend download it on his computer and send me the files. I seriously thought I just paid $10 for nothing.
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