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  1. It'll catch everyone off guard and end up sounding like Iridescent lol.
  2. Give us some guitar solos.
  3. I love DBS but not for that price. Still pretty cool they are going to be playing there. Wonder if they'll play a new song or something.
  4. Found this over a LPA, not sure if the show is over but this is the set. Setlist: 01. New Divide 02. From The Inside 03. One Step Closer 04. Lying From You 05. Given Up 06. What I've Done 07. No More Sorrow 08. Waiting For The End 09. Wisdom, Justice And Love 10. Iridescent 11. Numb 12. Breaking The Habit 13. Shadow Of The Day 14. The Catalyst 15. In The End 16. Papercut 17. Faint 18. Bleed It Out
  5. Wow, LP is playing late there then. It's 11pm there. EDIT: Found this on LPA page: SETLIST (Courtesy of our friends at LPTimes): 01. The Requiem 02. Papercut 03. Lying From You 04. Given Up 05. What I've Done 06. When They Come For Me (Empty Spaces reportedly skipped) 07. No More Sorrow 08. Jornada Del Muerto 09. Waiting For The End 10. Burning In The Skies 11. Numb 12. The Radiance 13. Breaking The Habit 14. Fallout 15. The Catalyst 16. Crawling Note: Many people have reported that Dave is sick and did not perform on stage tonight. No word on what he is sick from, or whom is filling in for him if this report is true.
  6. I'm kinda bummed out that they won't be playing Robot Boy live. I think if they were, it would've happened already. Good to see Burning in the Skies/Blackout in the same set.
  7. Dang I wonder what the setlist was. I was hoping it would be here by the time I woke up.
  8. I know right, that could even interest somebody who's never heard that song before to track down older material as well. You could even widen the selection of what they listen to from the band. Also, give something to your die-hard fans that are at the shows. Give something for everyone.
  9. CFTI, pretty cool opener. I'm happy with it. Can't wait to see what other surprises they have.
  10. Show probably starts in like 11-12 hours probably.
  11. Somebody upload this to Megaupload or something please.
  12. I was disappointed with the surprise, just because I've never listened to Adele and didn't care for the song. Seriously, I thought they were going to try Robot Boy just because of how Mike started playing the piano haha. Overall the gig was amazing. The picture and sound quality were amazing, iTunes really did a great job with that.
  13. Is there anything showing on the itv.com? All I see is refresh the browser.
  14. I got it up on the iPod Touch, all they're showing is pictures of bands from previous years I guess?
  15. Downloaded iTunes and it told me that I am not connected to the internet when I am. Anybody else get this? I might just watch the show on my brother iPod but when I was testing it out yesterday, whatever was live kept buffering.
  16. The Skype chat sounds cool. Who do I add for that?
  17. So I have to download iTunes to watch it?
  18. All I know is that I think LP will play a surprise song or maybe even debut Robot Boy somewhere in the Asia tour. Just my prediction.
  19. Just watched this on my DVR and I thought it was good. Joe's beard is looking epic haha.
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