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  1. Every time LP is in one of these bracket things we always have a huge lead at the beginning but always end up losing in the end.
  2. That's really awesome! Never thought I'd see this coming. I'll definitely be setting my DVR for that.
  3. Great episode and I'm surprised they released the first part so quickly.
  4. The only way I'd like to see Crawling again is with the Reanimation intro otherwise see ya!
  5. I definitely think there will be a new song or two played. Does anybody here have Sirius and can record?
  6. You did it to yourself....you did it to yourself....you did it to yourself....YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF!!!!!
  7. Anyone got a link to Figure.09 (Outro) - Blood, Anger, Suffering? I really want to see that one.
  8. Exactly what I thought of when I heard it.
  9. Does anybody know what that voice is in the beginning of Victimized?
  10. Just watched the rebroadcast right now and it was great. I thought Runaway and Blackout sounded the best and Burn It Down didn't sound as bad as it normally does. Really glad this show was streamed.
  11. If they are showing 75 they might as well add the last 15.
  12. Thanks for the review man. In My Remains sounds sick.
  13. Whatever the third song is, meh.
  14. You guys know that Setlistfm has a song counter right? It gives a pretty good idea of which songs have been played the most.
  15. Swap Crawling for No Roads Left.
  16. I like Crawling and I liked it when they played it live with the Reanimation intro, so awesome that was! It doesn't matter to me whether they drop it or not.
  17. I'm hoping that I can go but I might not be able to. Really hope that a few months down the road they decide to stream the full show somewhere or release it.
  18. Haha. APFMH was insane, I think I'll buy the DSP just for that.
  19. I'll ask it again, is the sound quality of these DSPs better than the ATS ones?
  20. Has the DSP sound quality improved from the ATS era? I doubt it sounds like 07.
  21. I don't think Burn It Down sounds good live. I like the studio version but when its played live it sounds weird.
  22. Somebody put it best on a youtube comment, Sleep Am Ring. That crowd should be ashamed of themselves. I wouldn't ever play that festival again.
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