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  1. I tried everything and I also enabled port forwarding but it still won't work Could somebody upload this on an OCH or something ?
  2. I'm still trying to make the torrent work, but it just won't start. All the uTorrent/BitTorrent says is 'Finding peers'. Anybody got an idea ?
  3. Okay, thank you. Hope it'll start soon. If not, I'll just try the fixed version tomorrow ^^
  4. This is awesome! I'm so excited for that porta potty-moment Unfortunately I'm having problems with the torrent. It just won't start, although it says there are 24 seeds. Anybody else having those issues ?
  5. I really don't know about this. The source I refer to is kinda unrelieable, but the question is why a person would make up statements like that. Maybe somebody should just ask the WDR support about the incident, maybe they'll give an answer. You're also right about the cusswords, BUT Germany pretty much doesn't give a shit about swearing on TV (at least they are not USED to censor every 'bitch', 'fuck', 'shit' and stuff like that). I also think they knew, that cutting out every swear word, would just mess up the whole performance/certain songs. I guess we'll never really know, if no official from the channel gives an answer to this. Maybe they'll even tell us if they sent it to Mike and if he did the mixing.
  6. Referring to laughter: I once read (don't know where, but I'm pretty sure it was an official german site), that WDR cut out the laughter because the recording was scheduled to be broadcasted at a time 'children may watch' (just like there's no curse and blood supposed to be on the german afternoon program). They thought that Mike's laughter sounded '(sexual) explicit' and therefore wasn't supposed to be shown on TV again. I really don't know if that's the real reason, but the WDR group is part of public television and likes to censor nonsense. According to a german LP fansite, called 'hybridsolider', a member once sent an request to WDR, asking why they'd cut out the laughter and the answer was: 'Zensiert aufgrund anstoeßiger Geraeusche in der 20Uhr Vorstellung', which translates as 'Censored due to indecent noises during the 8 o'clock time slot (which is pretty much prime time on german television)'.
  7. Wow.. Warner hit a new low.
  8. Wow, good to know that it actually happened. Fucked up though I didn't get mine. Would you mind taking a picture of it so I can see what I missed ?
  9. I know this has nothing to do with the remixes, but it's kinda like the same thing.. Back when Living Things was promoted, they had this contest where we had to share a link pre-order-link for Living Things and the one whose link had the most clicks would win 'Lifelong free access to a Linkin Park show (limited by one show per year with only one person per show)'. Now, I remember a list where the winner had been announced, but what about the prices for the people from rank 11 to 100 and 101 to 1000 ? They said the people, that finish at rank from 11 to 100, get a 'signed and labeled copy of Living Things', while number 101 to 1000 was supposed to get a 'never used again promo-picture of the band'. Since I somehow fell back to no. 165 or something, I had to get the picture and I also remember, givin them my adress for shipping, but I still didn't get that fuckin' picture 'til today. Now..can anybody tell me what the hell is up with that ?
  10. Can somebody reupload this ? I don't want to just download the converted youtube shit.
  11. I don't wanna dumb this thread, but does anybody know where to order this right now ? The amazon.ca thing doesn't work for me because I don't own a credit-card. Plus, I heard that the shipping sucks, things don't even arrive and/or the package sucks and the item gets damaged.
  12. Well, I thought it was the same thing. Thank you though Is this a good place to preorder the two vinyls ?
  13. This may sound stupid, but where's the pre-order button ? Since the item is unavailable, I can't order it..or can I ? Fuck that, just found it - thanks mate! Fuck that again - can anybody tell me, how to pay at amazon.ca without a credit card ? I thought about buying a gift card, but apparently, I can't use them international. Any other idea ?
  14. So I guess there's no possibility to buy this if you don't live in the US, uh ?
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