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  1. This setlist was INSANE! A Place For My Head to start the show and with it's own intro, mind blowing. I really enjoyed watching this on the Youtube channel in glorious HD. So glad we have pro-shots of With You and Runaway. I love that new extended intro for Somewhere I Belong, that's pretty much this cycles No More Sorrow. Lies Greed Misery sounded pretty cool live. I seriously got chills when that ending kicked in with Chester screaming! Overall a sick setlist and surprising amount of songs played with no interludes! I lol'd when Chester and that guy were screaming the words face to face haha.
  2. It's funny because right now I can't see that schedule section at all, it's blank. Was working for me yesterday but wow that's a shame LP got removed. Perhaps the band didn't want it to be shown.
  3. WOW, surprised in this setlist! That's awesome they brought back so many older songs. My predictions of seeing With You and Points of Authority return were correct .
  4. My guess is that it's Castle of Glass. First thing that popped in my mind.
  5. Oh no, the black and white strikes back one last time! Pretty cool live footage shot from his perspective.
  6. That actually sounds really good. It would be sick if that happened.
  7. It was a cool video, glad to finally see some new LPTV. I hope they do this for every song once the album drops.
  8. I'm going all out here and guessing that With You and/or Points of Authority will make a return during this LT era.
  9. Anybody think this album will be explicit?
  10. That's a nice cover man. I enjoyed it.
  11. That part 3 is actually part 1 for some reason. Was there not a third part?
  12. I never understood why LP doesn't play longer shows. They are a pretty popular band so why not play longer? Don't think the venues are strict about timing. Just look at the Foo Fighters, they play nearly 3 hours every night.
  13. Listening to that 30 second clip has given me mixed emotions. Nice to get our feet wet with this, but I need the full song. Hope the ending gets faster and loud.
  14. This article definitely got me super stoked for this album. I can't wait to see how it turns out, leaving the ATS era behind. Lost In The Echo and In My Remains sound sick.
  15. Yeah, that's the same vibe I get when looking at the new promo photos.
  16. This is definitely exciting!
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