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  1. Yup it was cool to have Mike rap something over Bleed It Out but don't tease me with another song over BIO. Just play the whole song if your gonna rap it over BIO.
  2. That's pretty legit. I definitely think those are the songs to be the next singles.
  3. I would love to see With You, Hit The Floor, P5hng Me A*wy, and QWERTY be some top poll songs. That would make each DSP unique if they follow through with the idea. Pretend To Be would be cool to see played live as well, songs not terrible and it sounds like they could pull it off in a setlist or two.
  4. Haha RME and BITS during BIO for real? That's epic.
  5. On the Berlin show, it sounds like From The Inside would go perfect after Faint. When I listened to the show yesterday it sounded rad and that just instantly came into my mind.
  6. I just appreciate that they actually heard about our complaining and they did something about. A lot of bands don't listen to their fans so it's good to see that they switched it up, even though it's 2 songs it's better than nothing. Thanks for listening LP.
  7. Haha I wasn't even saying that in a bad way. The way people interpret messages on the internet makes me lol.
  8. Come on there's got to be some more changes in there somewhere.
  9. Somebody else post the songs here off twitter.
  10. Nice, cool they are changing the setlist here. Keep posting them songs here.
  11. I would be surprised if they play it again in this setlist tonight.
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