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  1. Who cares if he is, at least it's not a main song lipsynching to. When he did it live during the Q&A on Kevin & Bean show it didn't sound the album version to me, maybe it was just too crappy live so he used the studio version until they could figure something out.
  2. I'm heading to work but when I return I hope to read about an epic setlist.
  3. This. I found it somewhat annoying how his voice sounded as he sang.
  4. Someone please upload the full audio KROQ to Mediafire as it's the only file sharing site that works on this wretched computer. Thanks in advance.
  5. I enjoyed Robot Boy more than The Messenger so that gets my vote. I was expecting to be blown away by The Messenger, only to feel that Chester's voice was a bit annoying. It sounded like it was his first time singing period.
  6. Borellus

    Next Singles?

    Burning in the Skies needs to be a single.
  7. Mind uploading the clip to Mediafire, the link on first page doesn't work :/ EDIT: Never mind it works, cheers.
  8. Hope this is will be broadcasted somewhere for us to see.
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