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  1. Can't find this Rebellion proshot. Would love to see it.
  2. ALITS too soft!? Setting aside Mike's part at the beginning and end, that song is super heavy! Would love to see that close a show.
  3. Ugh, shorten songs still hanging around. I'm glad they are going to start playing Rebellion on this tour but was hoping for more THP songs (KTTK, War, ALITS) to be rehearsed.
  4. Excellent song! Getting more excited for the new album.
  5. I enjoyed the show! It's good that they did something different with the setlist.
  6. Looks like the US YT stream is fixed. It's back up for me.
  7. I can't believe the US YT stream went down. Lost the audio during Wastelands and then they cut off the video to running ads again.
  8. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody plug the cord back in!!!!!!!
  9. I'm excited to watch the show! Gonna check out QOTSA if they stream it.
  10. I like both those songs. It would be awesome if they gave Hit the Floor another look at. I just think it's an underrated song.
  11. I'm actually fine with the setlists they have been doing in the LT era. Bringing back a bunch of Hybrid/Meteora tracks and less ATS instrumentals. At least the setlist aren't bad like the ones Muse are doing right now. Now those are ones people should be complaining about.
  12. Figure.09 would be the obvious choice to see, but I personally want Hit the Floor. It's an underrated song and I'd be interested to see how the band would perform it. Last time it was played was back in 03.
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