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  1. So I was listening to some LP earlier today and I was thinking of things they could sing over Bleed It Out. What do you guys think about Mike rapping the first verse of Figure.09 and then Mike singing his part while Chester screams his lines. "It never goes away [x4] Get away from me! Give me my space back you gotta just Go! Everything comes down the memories of You! I Kept it in without lettin’ you Know! I Let you go so get away from Me! Give me my space back you gotta just Go! Everything comes down the memories of You! I Kept it in without lettin’ you Know! I Let you go" I also thought about maybe By Myself too. I don't know, just something different than RME or APFMH. Thought it would be cool to switch it up.
  2. Wow, very interesting set. I just woke up and saw the main post and thought they had already played! Crazy how somebody got the setlist that early. I thought the only show there would be no DSP for is the iTunes Festival.
  3. That sucks if we won't be able to watch it online. I was looking forward to seeing it for a few weeks now. Going to be bummed if we can't watch it.
  4. Sweet, wonder if they have anything else different in this set.
  5. Very surprising that he did a chat. Pretty cool he talked about the setlist though. This is the second time that I have seen Mike talk about the setlist after everyone here talks so much about wanting new songs in the setlists. Glad he popped on for chat before LPL goes into a riot like Vancouver, lol.
  6. I hope they bring back Somewhere I Belong and Points of Authority.
  7. I know, it would be awesome if Joe had a solo moment sometime during the show. Not counting when he scratches up the speeches. Definitely should have Session or Cure for the Itch return.
  8. That Ericsson Globe Arena looks sick in that photo, cool venue!
  9. Who said the setlist is boring and that LP don't interact with the crowds? Read this review from the Download Festival please. Linkin Park Download Festival Review
  10. Probably, but if you never ask you'll never know.
  11. Ask him if they would ever consider playing P5hng Me A*wy again because it would work great with the ATS songs.
  12. Thanks, probably the same setlist as last night that includes the 3 songs LP had to leave out.
  13. Does anyone know if any of these festivals are going to be webcasting the bands? It would be good to get an idea of which festivals, if any, are going to be webcasting.
  14. Hoping they show LP tonight, would be cool to see them again with a new setlist perhaps. Does anyone know what time LP is going on that gives us an idea of when to tune in to see if they webcast it?
  15. It was a great show! Earlier in the day I was online and saw another festival from Germany (Rock am Ring) was being broadcasted online. I was wanting to see In Flames play but they didn't show their set and I was kinda bummed. Headlining was Coldplay and they were going to be playing some new songs from their new album. I only got to see about the first 7 songs then I had to leave for work. After work I got home and knew that LP was going to be playing so at about 8:30 I tune in to see Rise Against finishing. Then I hear the beginning of Foo Fighter's "All My Life" and I was shocked/surprised/happy. I was going to see FF and LP all in one night! I very much enjoyed the Foo's setlist and was pumped after they played. I thought LP started off good but then after awhile I realized there probably wasn't going to be any new songs in the setlist. Was hoping they might play Points of Authority. I thought they played for a long time, 1 hour and 20-30 minutes, and they had to shorten their set because of the Foo Fighters?
  16. Somebody ask him if they would play P5hng Me A*wy in the summer. Or if they would ever consider playing that again.
  17. Bout time. I just made an account on LPA too.
  18. Borellus

    Robot Boy Live

    I love the song and would like them to try it as it is on the album.
  19. Interesting that they are already back in the studio.
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