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  1. It's fucking awesome. Such a raw and visceral sound throughout which puts this album near the very top of the pile.
  2. Personally 'Lost In The Echo' is one of the finest songs Lp have ever created. It seems so geniune and well crafted which has many of the aspects that fan's know and love about LP. I don't post in these forums ever but I thought this deserved one. This album plays to my ears perfectly. It's not about "heaviest to date" or "genre defying" , It's just clearly six extremely talented guys who have clicked on this album more than ATS AND MTM. There is safety and expression. Risk and reward. Those who want to wait untill the release date will appreciate that Lp are incredible musicians.
  3. Do you reckon we will get only festival based performance for Linkin Park in the UK next year or are we anticipating more arena tours even though they have confirmed sonisphere? I honestly prefer Lp headlining their own gig, the energy at Milton Keynes last year was unreal.
  4. Kenjii, love the emotion in the song
  5. yeahh you can tell its pre recorded because he talks about how there in europe and releasing tour dates for the US soon
  6. wow, anyone else got anything better to do than lay into Katy Perry? She will draw just as many fans as Lp will. This has nothing to do that she is outragously hot.
  7. Haha we won't have this problem in the UK, The o2 arena takes no prisoners.
  8. I remember a couple years back at the o2, Biffy clyro were appauling
  9. I know no one is really interested but have The Futureheads been any good supporting Lp?
  10. Could you imagine if they played 'Reading my eyes' it would be awesome but then again there is more chance of me winning the lottery three times in a row.
  11. In a time where bands seem less and less likely to listen to the people that really make them who they are, this just shows the everyone of these boys are true professionals dedicated to the cause and supporting there fans just as much as we support them.
  12. pavelesgay 32 minutes ago ...are you stupid, LPL's Hahninator? of course this isn't lypsynch!! This made me laugh :') AND. what's the point in lipsycing, im sure if he couldn't sing the vocal then he would just let the studio version play. just sounds like a overdub to me.
  13. coreydimond

    MTV VMA's

    A link of the performance for all of those living outside the U.S http://www.iviewtube.com/v/167465/linkin-p...rmance-video%29
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