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Places With Long Gaps Between Shows


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With the addition of a show in the Philippines, we wanted to create a post about countries that have gone the longest period of time between Linkin Park shows. This is what we came up with:


Belgium 2001-2011 (10 years)

Malaysia 2003-now (10 years)

Mexico 2002-2012 (10 years)

Philippines 2004-2013 (9 years)

Scotland 2004-now (9 years)

Indonesia 2004-2011 (7 years)

Netherlands 2001-2007 (6 years)

Brazil 2004-2010 (6 years)


And of course, there are countries that haven't been fortunate enough to get a show by the band yet, such as India, Lebanon, Vietnam, Serbia, Luxembourg, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, etc. The band is still making its way to new places each touring cycle though: Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, and Turkey during the MTM Touring Cycle, Argentina, Chile, United Arab Emirates, and Israel during the ATS Touring Cycle, and Romania and Ukraine so far on the LIVING THINGS Touring Cycle.


One thing worth mentioning is that Sweden is the only country in the world that has had MORE canceled shows by Linkin Park than shows PLAYED by Linkin Park. In 2001, 2003 and 2008 they had canceled shows (one each of those years), while the band managed to play the country in 2007 and 2011.


Lastly, there are states in the USA that the band has either never played or hasn't been to in a while. Besides Alaska and Hawaii, Linkin Park has never played in Delaware, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming.


While Iowa was fortunate enough to get four shows in 2000, one in 2001 and one in 2003 (six in four years), the band has not returned since 2003. Here are a list of those states that haven't had a show in a while:


Rhode Island 2001-now (12 years)

Alabama 2001-now (12 years)

Mississippi 2001-now (12 years)

South Carolina 2001-now (12 years)

Louisiana 2003-now (10 years)

Montana 2003-now (10 years)

South Dakota 2003-now (10 years)

Idaho 2003-now (10 years)

Iowa 2003-now (10 years)

Arkansas 2004-now (9 years)

Oregon 2004-now (9 years)


We hope you enjoyed these stats!

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LP will definitely play Scotland again, hit India, maybe Luxembourg if they get on the bill for the Rock @ Field Festival in Roeser, and also some more South American countries.


Awesome stats, thanks for taking the time for getting them together :)

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Don't forget LP played for the first time in Greece during the MTM touring cycle too. Then they played again in 2009 along with Turkey, etc., but have not returned since. I consider 2009 the MTM touring cycle anyways.


Good stats. It's really interesting to read this kind of stuff. It's crazy that LP has never hit up those states and it's even crazier that LP hasn't played a lot of states in a long time. I think a US tour where they play a lot of places they don't usually play is long due..

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It was extremely painful to just sit infront of the computer watching touring dates added and they always skipped Mexico


i almost cried when they toured South America in the 2010 and they skipped my country! wow 10 years i remember that i was like 13 when the first LP show in Mexico happened, of course i was too young to travel that far!


interesting topic!

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12 Sept 2012 - Linkin Park - MTV World Stage Monterrey


Yeah but it was really epic for you. I chased APFMH for 16 shows and you got it as your first live LP song ever :) Pretty jealous of that.



Really awesome.

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I think New Zealand should be added to that list as they have only been here in 2001 2007 and this year with 6 years between each visit

but they was in New Zealand this year..
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I'm glad you mentioned Scotland In there since It has been so long! Due to that I've been travelling to England 4x and counting now, though It would be nice if they came back to Scotland so I could save some money by travelling lol

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LOL @ no Delaware. Even back in the small club days, it made very little sense to play anywhere in Delaware as Wilmington, Newark and Dover are all relatively close to Philly. I honestly can't imagine some other states ever being played in again either unless they do another LPU 2003-type tour.

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As a request, here are countries that Linkin Park has not played that other big bands have played: (references listed below)























Puerto Rico


Costa Rica












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This is the best post ever by a lp fan community I'm happy to be a part of it .I hope lp will read this and seriously start considering. All those leftover countries . LP is all over the world not just few places Amen ! \m/

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Italy is one of those place that's always wait some years bewteen shows

2003-2008 - 5 years

2008-2011 - 3 years

2011-now - 2 years so far


what's makes me a little bit disappointed it's the fact that they've never headline a show here apart for the 2003 LPU tour:

2008 - Heineken Jammin Festival (canceled in 2007)

2011 - Sonisphere Festival

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what's makes me a little bit disappointed it's the fact that they've never headline a show here apart for the 2003 LPU tour:

2008 - Heineken Jammin Festival (canceled in 2007)

2011 - Sonisphere Festival

False, the September 2001 show was also a headline show.
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