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  1. The most anticipated day of this summer, wouldn't miss this by any chance!
  2. Well that is good summary of what I tried to tell you =D
  3. I'm quite sure they won't play indoors here in Finland. I assume they are playing in the same set up outdoors which is used for several other festivals (Himos Festival for an example, here is a link to a photo gallery of that festival http://www.himosjuhannus.fi/fi/kuvagalleria/) And here is an article in finnish where representative of the venue says something along these lines: "Our dream for a long time has been arranging a mega concert at the Himos Park area. We want to see how the area can handle this type of event. The Linkin Park concert will be the first one." http://www.rumba.fi/uutiset/jamsa-saa-kuuluja-vieraita-linkin-park-konsertoi-elokuussa-suomessa/
  4. I've been waiting for their return to Finland so much. Most definitely going there!
  5. I have now listened the album once through and I really like. First listening the songs they seemed like a bunch of random songs put in same album, but after listening the album from the start to end they seem to fit together well. Individually the songs are better than the songs on LT IMO.I think this album will be my favorite LP album because the albums have tended to grow on me after I have listened them few times through.I had huge pressure on Keys to the Kingdom, All for Nothing, Rebellion and a Line in the Sand after reading the describtions of the songs but they all exceeded my hopes and Rebellion went even beyond them. All in all great album.
  6. No, not at all. Its a game that you can play when ever you want. You didnt get any bonus if you played it in daily basis. Hopefully they keep it that way =)
  7. I think it was a fun game to play if you only play games once in a while in Facebook. Grapics were decent but controls was clumsy at some times. But I would say all in all its a good game. I really like to see if they have made some improvements in the game.
  8. It would be really nice if they would come back to Finland. 2011 best live show ever <3
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