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  1. loving this so much really hoping for a demo disc now
  2. I logged in here after ages just to add in my excitement. THIS IS HAPPENING. :')
  3. They are releasing a new album next year, it's pretty much confirmed by some of my friends here in the industry. Wish I had more details to spill.
  4. He sounds incredible! I can't wait for a full record! Actually hoping for a STP + LP performance!
  5. what a list, just shows we here aren't the only unfortunate ones waiting for over 9 years now! considering india has one of the biggest fan base apart from US, high time they come here... the wait continues. fingers crossed for the upcoming asia tour
  6. btw i uninstalled the "standard" edition and installed this one but unlike last time never asked me for serial code?
  7. better late than never, thanks a ton astat. I downloaded the standard edition and was like "meh" this sounds more exciting due to some problems had no internet for 3 days now downloading it
  8. 12 gb o_O well ok Ill start downloading/seeding too but someone please guys someone upload a 720p with something liek a decent size of 4-6gb please?
  9. from Linkin Park facebook page if not done yet then someone please rip it
  10. ah i remember ur giveaways in the old days though i might have 'most' of them, eh mind if u can give a sneak peek of the 'rare treasure'?
  11. there were some issues not being able to get it via the site in the morning so got it uploaded to mdeiafire ok to share the link?
  12. The LPUX Newsletter is now out and you can get it here. What does everyone think of it?
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