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European Tour 2012 DSPs

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why do you have to be such an asshole? is it hard to be nice?

i said that its up because i have uploaded it not because i find it..

but allright then , sherlock , that was the last time when i uploaded something for this place

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sorry that wasnt yesterday i dont have time to check this forum everyday ,but you're welcome i guess you were the one who just downloaded that dsp from me ;) i'm off

Nope, I already have it downloaded :/ Too bad we can't change our decision after purchasing a show :/
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I don't think Berlin will go up until after the various broadcats

Kind of sucks, actually. I'm going to see it in theaters though, so I guess I will get to hear it before the DSP comes out. Pretty cool. I'm most excited to hear Warsaw (Chester did the ''cmon'' scream at the intro of With You) and also the Russia shows.

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