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LIVING THINGS Concert Event In Theatres 6/25


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Telekom Street Gigs website says they'll show a Linkin Park special with a compilation of highlights of Berlin's show on June 25th, 20:15 german time in a stream.


This might indicate that the theater show could be Berlin as well since both is shown on the same day ?!


Edit: never mind, I just saw the SURU pic, so this really is going to be Berlin I guess :D

At least we know it seems to be streamed in Germany as well.

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What? This event means that they play the full LT this June 5th?

yes,in Hungary we had chance to win "ticket" in radio game 4 this show,in Class fm radio they said it will be vip's vip u can meet every member of the band and they will play the entire Living Things

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I think 311 has the best live performance as far as changing setlists are concerned.

Bruce Springsteen does, too. Throws out half the setlist every single night, keeps the 18-piece band on its toes...unless it's a song that literally will never be thrown out (maybe seven songs each tour), there's always the chance that Bruce will see a sign in the pit, or hear someone yelling a song title, or maybe he just thinks of one he likes more, then screams it to the rest of the band two seconds before counting it off.


But this topic isn't about who does setlists the best. Rated R probably because Chester has a tendency to shout MOTHERFUCKER whenever he feels like it.

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I think 311 has the best live performance as far as changing setlists are concerned.

Maybe not the best overall, but definitely my favorite. I'm not the biggest 311 fan in the world but always take my vacation based on when they are coming to New England. A lot of hits & staples but some cool surprises every time.


I hope Maine gets a showing of the LP concert, too, even though there were about 4 people there for the MTM showing a few years back. Same turnout for the RHCP show last year too. Maine blows at times lol

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