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  1. nice news its brusier to ruun
  2. I pray they play this setlist at nova rock thats something awesome
  3. yes,in Hungary we had chance to win "ticket" in radio game 4 this show,in Class fm radio they said it will be vip's vip u can meet every member of the band and they will play the entire Living Things
  4. biggest troll band ever,seriously that video is awesome but the ATS release date was september 14
  5. thanks Lord to listened my pray this setlist is sick as hell.. With You I cant belive but I miss Lying from you they should add Figure, Dont stay or W&K in my opinion
  6. really interesting to see a live performance in Robs view. great post
  7. the review of waiting for the end is missing(if i read it well) thats the epic shit
  8. I listened it two times so my thought: the interludes are rendundant for me :S -burning in the skies:when mike sing I fell like iam flying with him and a country singer group and its not cool and this song is too poppy for me.but chaz quite good.i dont like it -when they come for me:its like hands held high part 2 but worse,i hate the chorus and i need more chaz on this.the indian style outro reminds me arash.i dont like it -robot boy:i feel like iam in avatar movie with the autotune chester and and it sound like a commercial or a soundtrack.i dont really like it. -waiting for the end:the chorus is beautiful and mike has an intresting rap style on this like we are jamming with my homies and the guitaf part good to.i like it -blackout:sounds amazing chester is insane on this and da rap style cool to but i dont understand mike part on this its not link on this second part could be an other song.i like it anyway -wretches and kings:my favorite.it hard and hip hop style.mike great on this he got the right rhythm and chester good too but slim. -iridescent:its like pop for me or sotd and i dont really like it now the outro sound like i singing in a church or in the clouds -the catalyst:when i heard it on the bbc i dont like it but it kinda good.i like the synth part.and finally i like that song -the messenger:usually i dont like acoustic songs but its beautiful.the ohhh part is amazing i wanna cry on this i get insane because of this album so thx for Lp :S XD i dont like mtm first time and my feelings are the same but now i love mtm hope i will love ats too
  9. if i wont find it in the next ten minutes i dont care.the album will be on my hand at friday hell yeah so i have to wait just 2 days
  10. no way theory of meteora has the damn right rmx
  11. zitmen

    Proggy sound

    I guess proggy sound means maybe reanimation style
  12. Before I post I listened all of these 1.New Divide cause this is the only song of the five which has the energy and the power what I expect from LP.The bridge is awesome,Chester has perfect voice on this. 2.Blackbirds cause it has some rap but a expect more,plus its still to soft for me,theres no guitar riff,the melody is right and its good cause its anew song 3.Not Alone cause the bridge,the electric sound what Mr.Hahn did is awesome,it remembered me the intro of Lying From You(which is one of my favorite) but the singing style is not the best and I think this beat style need some rap part. 4.Across The Line cause the best part of the song is the "Its your time"scream but the hole song is soft for me.but its totally a MTM song 5.Lockjaw cause it has the right melody but its an instrumental song and I prefer full songs I like all of these but if I listened their old stuffs I feel its bare for me I want to hear cadent verses and crazy choruses like (Figure.09,Lying From You,With You,In The End,Qwerty,
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