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25.09.2011 - Singapore, Singapore


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The last show of the Asian Tour for Linkin Park comes in Singapore, Singapore (lol). This is show number 11 of 11 in Asia. The band has performed in Singapore before, the first time being in 2004 at the same venue - The Padang for the last show of that 2004 tour as well (show page here with a lot of info). LP returned for the second show of the 2007 Asian Tour to the Singapore Indoor Stadium (show page here). Chester smacked himself in the face with a tennis racket before that show and during the show, fans broke his necklace and grabbed his broken arm....poor Chester!


Fort Minor actually played that same venue the year before, in 2006, opening for 50 Cent (show page here). Three of the four cities on that Fort Minor Asia Tour have been played on this tour by Linkin Park, with the exception being Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which LP has only played once before but in 2003 (show page here).


This show is for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. LP has already performed for the F1 Grand Prix on this touring cycle - last November in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (show page here), so this is the SECOND time they're playing a show for the F1 Grand Prix.


At the last show in Bangkok, Thailand, something happened for the first time ever - a band member (Phoenix) did not play an entire show. We all know Phoenix missed part of the 2000 touring schedule because he was still touring with The Snax, but since then an LP member has never missed a full show. The closest they have come to that isn't even really close, but a guitar tech named Kurt filled in for Chester in Hindmarsh, Australia in 2007 (show page here) the show after he broke his arm.


Pooch posted on his Twitter account the following message, "I am happy to report that Ted (Phoenix's bass technician) was the mystery bass player at last nights show." You can see Ted in this video of 'Given Up' from the show:



We can also presume that 'Blackout' ended its run of five shows in a row due to Phoenix not playing the show. It was in the setlist for Bangkok but likely dropped because of no Dave. Otherwise the show went off pretty well...minor technical difficulties shortened

a bit but
, contrary to the first reports we got from the show, was actually played after all. Regardless, this will be an interesting DSP to check out and to see whether Mike or Chester said anything about Dave during the show. As of right now, we don't really know what happened to Phoenix.


Any guesses or wants for the last show of the tour? Want to see 'Blackout' one more time in Asia? 'No Roads Left' over 'Bleed It Out' again?


Shoutout to Jasparina from LPTimes.com who is going to this show - follow her updates here. Anyone from LPLive going?


The last show of 2011 is in Pensacola Beach, Florida next month on October 16 for the DeLuna Festival. After that, the band will return to the studio to write and record another album. For the full 2011 tour schedule click here.


SETLIST: (thanks to Jonathan)

01. New Divide (Moscow Intro)

02. From The Inside

03. One Step Closer

04. Lying From You

05. Given Up (Joe's turntables repaired by a crew member mid-song)

06. What I've Done

07. No More Sorrow

08. Jornada Del Muerto

09. Waiting For The End

10. Wisdom, Justice, & Love

11. Iridescent

12. Numb

13. The Radiance (Live Version)

14. Breaking The Habit (No A Cappella Outro)

15. Shadow Of The Day

16. Fallout

17. The Catalyst

18. In The End

19. Papercut

20. Faint

21. Bleed It Out (w/ drum solo & 'A Place For My Head' bridge)


New setlist! A mix of everything but 'New Divide' opened for the fourth time ever (NYC 2010, Detroit 2011, & Moscow 2011). Moscow Intro returns!


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Get well soon Phoenix and I wonder what happened to Chester. Take care out there LP.


Yeh just watching the coverage of the Grand Prix at the moment and saw Mike with his wife and Chester on the sidelines. Definitely the highlight of my day. :D

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Found this over a LPA, not sure if the show is over but this is the set.



01. New Divide

02. From The Inside

03. One Step Closer

04. Lying From You

05. Given Up

06. What I've Done

07. No More Sorrow

08. Waiting For The End

09. Wisdom, Justice And Love

10. Iridescent

11. Numb

12. Breaking The Habit

13. Shadow Of The Day

14. The Catalyst

15. In The End

16. Papercut

17. Faint

18. Bleed It Out

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