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  1. As always, we appreciate your help! Thank you!
  2. Uncasville, read previous post.
  3. Thank you so much for the torrent! I downloaded in 3hours! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SEEDERS! It's was an awesome show.
  4. Given Up fixed version anyone? Sorry!
  5. Is anyone going to upload the Given Up fixed? Please? Thanks!
  6. I was at the new 'usual place'. But I got it from other place in order to download it. Is anyone kind enough to upload the 'fixed' version of Given Up? Thanks!
  7. Ok. I got it all wrong, now I need the 'fixed' version of Given Up. Should have checked it.
  8. 1 song it's ok I guess? I don't see it. 404 Error.
  9. Anyone can upload the messed up version of Given Up? Thanks!
  10. LPYiLong

    Fall DSP's

    Me? You are saying LPU90. I ain't asking anyone to buy anything. I can just buy all myself and keep it.Btw, I own credit cards. And I contributed the Singapore DSP.Even it is just ONE, unlike the "other" who did not even contribute any and keep asking... Do read previous posts before you comment on certain things.
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