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  1. Yes, but the quality is lousy most of the songs.
  2. It's a pity there is no full show 29.01.2002 Colorado Springs, CO, World Arena, Projekt Revolution Tour (One Step Closer) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D6S4O9DG 30.01.2002 Valley Center, KS, Kansas Coliseum, Projekt Revolution Tour (My December) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9Y1C0KEM 23.02.2002 San Diego, CA, Cox Arena, Projekt Revolution Tour (Step Up, My December) REMOVED
  3. If you have the quality of the show, then share. Can get a good bootleg
  4. It is strange at all that the concerts in Finland, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden and Denmark, almost did not record the DPS
  5. mp3 The full show. Somewhere I Belong, Shadow Of The Day, Bleed It Out incomplete. YouTube Rip. If anyone has a better bootleg, then I would be grateful
  6. Youtube Rip 25.07.2009 Pori, Finland, Kirjurinluoto Arena, Sonisphere Festival, European Tour DEAD LINK
  7. 14.09.2010 New York City, NY, Best Buy Theater, ATS Album Release Show http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JHR1GPUR REMOVED DEAD LINK
  8. Maybe so precisely? http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/linkin-park/...e-53d01385.html
  9. It would be nice to hear in DPS 'as 23.02.2003 Milano, Italy, Alcatraz, LP Underground Tour 13.04.2003 New Orleans, LA, Kiefer UNO Lakefront Arena, UNO, Projekt Revolution Tour 09.08.2004 Burgettstown, PA, Post-Gazette Pavilion, Projekt Revolution Tour 05.06.2007 St. Petersburg, Russia, New Arena, Tuborg Greenfest, European Tour 10.06.2008 Vilnius, Lithuania, Siemens Arena, European Tour 25.07.2009 Pori, Finland, Kirjurinluoto Arena, Sonisphere Festival, European Tour 26.07.2009 St. Petersburg, Russia, Telebashnya Stadium, Tuborg Greenfest, European Tour
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