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  1. Fcker I think its about time that you suffer I love Dialate man. Nice vibes ✌️
  2. Really excited to hear those Forgotten demos tracks 👽 😄
  3. Hahninator, can we get a nice EU tour in August/September? Or just a few shows? Like 3 ou 4
  4. Hey Anybody with a good audio from this show? Thank you
  5. En total más de 33.000 personas, a solo 2.000 del tope autoimpuesto por la organización - La Vanguardia Went from Portugal to Madrid by car, the show was short but fun. Madrid is nice
  6. It sounds good live. Probably my favorite from all the songs we got from the new album
  7. Spanish fans, any recommendations with the hostel? Do you know a nice place for 2, around 40eur/night? I'll also travel by car and stay for 1 or 2 more days to visit the city
  8. If you're talking about sbsr, they dont have enough money to bring them (não têm cachet para tanto )
  9. There are at least 2/3 more people that I know, travelling from Portugal to Spain to see LP. Would like to see SOAD but it's June and I still have some exams to do. Waiting for the 1-day tickets