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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-fumBBihII
  2. Hard to choose... but I picked Soundtrack. This is the best LPU, IMO.
  3. Thanks for making me laugh tonight ! And thanks for the proof too !
  4. Do you have any proof Sucre06 ?? I remember you said LP was gonna make a surprise during the secret show for Japan, and we all know there wasn't nothing we can call ''suprise'' ;D
  5. What on a fail on the bridge of ND XD Otherwise, Chester looks fuckin' awesome on this show ! *the scream on FTI *-*
  6. I think ND + FTI in an epic win for the beginning of a show !
  7. Yeah that's fucking awesome ! Hope you can get some videos for us ! ;D I've got the same project with a friend, we want to do show tribute to LP. We already made the sets (lol) and if this show happens I will tell you
  8. Still thinking They won't play RB until Japan. I think they'll the set with CFTI.
  9. I don't think they'll play RB before Japan, so I predict they'll the same set as Vegas or LA.
  10. Haimu... I don't even know why you keep on talking about LP ! I thougt you moved on and stop wasting your energy cause of this band. But I think you just can't, criticizing Lp is your drug in fact (just kidding). I'm just laughting about something... you said ATS was a good album and now you're saying it's an okay album ? And I'm not making up you wrote an article about ATS and you put 14 if I'm not wrong. Anyway, I think you're just wasting your time and you should move on. I've got nothing against you, it's just an advice
  11. This is the only time I'm gonna bitch about the set... Come on LP !! You can't do any effort even for yours diehard fans who raised money in exchange of the show ? One old song (or even RB) is so difficult to play ? Brad will burn if he play With You or any old non-single song ? For the first time I'm really disapointed.... I'm glad for those who enjoyed the show anyway..
  12. And how did you know that ? Have you some kind of abilities that told you LP is gonna make some surprises at this show ?
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