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31.08.2011 - Los Angeles, CA - Secret Show for Japan

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On the 31st Linkin Park plays their first show at the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Although they've played many venues in the city before, this is the first time they've played at the Mayan, a small club that only holds 1,000 people. When originally announced, this was billed a "Secret Show" for Japan, benefiting Music For Relief and Save The Children. Linkin Park later went on to announce the venue of the show earlier this month when Chester made an appearance on KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show. Rumors were that LP was going to hold this at The Roxy (where Collision Course's live songs were filmed) but changed it to the Mayan Theatre before announcing it. Props right here to whoever can figure out how many documented times we have of Linkin Park playing in Los Angeles!


To gain admission to this show, you had to donate $500 or more to Music For Relief to get two tickets. Any $250 raised after that got you an additional ticket. If you weren't going to the show, you could help the causes of others who were wanting to go by donating to them. LPLive also was able to auction off two tickets for the show and raised $852.50 for Japan by doing so!


In terms of small shows, LP played the Best Buy Theatre in New York City, NY (show page here) in 2010 for the "A Thousand Suns" Release Show...a 2,100 capacity venue. Until now, that's the smallest show they've played for "A Thousand Suns" - show meaning a full-on, headlining gig....not a TV appearance, not a three song appearance, not a rehearsal, etc. The Joint in Las Vegas, the venue for the last show, holds about 4,000. This is therefore the smallest show Linkin Park has played since the "Minutes To Midnight" touring cycle. On that touring cycle, Berlin, Germany's Kesselhaus (show page here) held 1,000, London's Astoria (show page here) held 2,000 and New York City's Webster Hall (show page here), home of the album release show for MTM, held 1,400. Phew, that's a lot of numbers!


So when was the last "small" show in Los Angeles? In October of 2007, LP played the Key Club in West Hollywood, CA (show page here) for the Sunset Strip Block Party. The venue holds about 550 people but only around 100 were in attendance. Why weren't WE invited?! In June of that year, they played the Ritual Restaurant and Night Club's opening (show page here) to a small crowd as well. Here's a very intimate performance of 'What I've Done' from that Key Club show - holder of the award for the "most recent *small* LA show LP has played" as well as the SMALLEST show Linkin Park has played in quite some time.....



At the last show in Las Vegas on the 30th, the band played a slightly different version of their Set B16 from Europe earlier this summer by replacing 'The Requiem' with the first performance of 'Cure For The Itch' since the last show of Projekt Revolution 2008. Nice! Find that full setlist here.


Who is going to the Secret Show? Do you think LP will do anything special for this show? Lots of people are guessing that since it cost $500 for two tickets to get in, the band surely will do a special set. Do you agree or disagree? What would you like to see them play? Pooch has confirmed on Facebook that the band has worked on some "new stuff" for the upcoming shows in Asia and that there will be "different setlists for some shows; definitely different from Europe." Any guesses on what these "new things" will be? Robot Boy, perhaps? Or will LP bring something old back? If this show will be "special", what actually will make it special? I guess time will only tell!


Who is headed out to see the secret show at the Mayan Theatre?


On the 6th of September, LP kicks off their Asian leg of their fall tour by playing the AsiaWorld-Arena in Hong Kong. A three day LPU Summit takes place in Japan on that leg as well as their first appearance in Indonesia in quite some time. Find all of the 2011 tour dates here.



01. Cure For The Itch

02. Faint

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I've Done

06. No More Sorrow

07. From The Inside

08. Jornada Del Muerto

09. Waiting For The End

10. Burning In the Skies

11. Numb

12. The Radiance

13. Iridescent

14. Fallout

15. Catalyst

16. Shadow Of The Day

17. In the End

18. Bleed It Out ('A Place For My Head' bridge + Rob drum solo)


19. The Messenger

20. Papercut

21. New Divide

22. Crawling

23. One Step Closer


Setlist picture via Pooch here.

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I think they'll do ATS front to back in Tokyo, but maybe here, I'm not sure. I like the Vegas set too but I hope they play at least a few songs different, a debut of Robot Boy would be really cool, or maybe they will play one old song for the hardcore fans.

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I'm predicting that this show will open with The Requiem and include Blackout, as well as WJ&L into Iridescent. Probably just a slightly modified version of one of the other Europe setlists, like the Vegas show was.

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Well, they usually say that people in the crowd expect to hear their more famous songs (in other words - singles) and there's a small amount of hardcores who know the songs we want to hear. But it's different today, I believe that most of the people there are pretty hardcore to raise all this money and it's a small crowd, so there isn't a better place to please all the people that want to hear something new (old actually xD) in the setlists. Hope they play something interesting. : )

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I hope we don't have to wait until the DSP to know the setlist...

I think since Pooch has hooked up his Facebook and Twitter with HootSuite on his iPhone, he'll be posting more and so I think he'll start posting the set after most shows like he did last night. He'll always help us with sets if we need it :)

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i predict either a re-worked europe setlist with couple older songs, OR: a whole new setlist as it'll be getting them ready for japan but im not holding hope for either because they might play same as other night without cure for my itch will be dropped.

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I think if it is not ATS back to front, that there will defintely by an acoustic song because it's such a close up show and LP normally do that kind of stuff, like in the LPU summits, when they played at the apple store a few years back too. Fingers crossed for Robot boy

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People paid 500$ for two tickets (even if it was for a good cause), they better play something special... I don't expect anything though, maybe Blackout in the encore again.

As someone who raises funds for non-profit organizations for a living, I feel the need to clarify this misconception: People who raised the $500 for the tickets didn't technically "pay $500" for them. It's just like when you see a pledge drive on your local PBS station and they're all like "donate at the $120 level and you'll receive this Celtic Thunder CD as a thank-you gift!" The key phrase there is "thank-you gift," as no brand-new CD in the world is actually worth $120 (plus if the CD actually cost $120, the organization wouldn't be making any profit from your donation!). Offering thank-you gifts at certain levels just gives people more incentive to give more money. And since donations to charitable organizations like PBS and Music For Relief are tax-deductible (at least in the U.S.), you can write them off on your tax returns and get money back at the end of the year, but you can't include the value of any gifts you received for doing so. If you give $120 to PBS and get that CD, they'll send you an invoice that tells you what the fair market value of the CD is, so when you put it down on your tax return, instead of writing it off for $120, it'll be $120 minus the fair market value of the CD (which will probably be $14.95 or something like that). I'm sure that people who raised money for MFR and got tickets will receive similar information on what the fair market value of the tickets are, and it'll be quite a bit less than $500. Again, if that's what the tickets really cost, your $500 would go entirely toward the overhead cost of the tickets, as opposed to going to relief efforts in Japan.

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Good statement Astat, I agree with you and understand what you are saying but he just meant that giving $500 for this show is a lot for most people and therefore LP knows the more hardcore fanbase is tempted to do this, and therefore thinks LP should do something special for them.


Or something like that :P

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