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  1. A huevo, Puta madre!! Ahora a ganar entradas y pagar más de $1000 en transporte, porque yo estoy en DF, como a dos días de MTY. We're pretty excited! Linkin Park was Trending Topic in Twitter just because the Great news! It will be an epic show. MTVLA are lookin for one more international artist to perform before LP.
  2. This. We're not Mike's bitches...
  3. LOL! The band will do a presale in a Mexican CD store called 'Mixup'. The first 1000 sells will get a very limited poster. This: It's 80% confirmed that Linkin Park will play a show in September here (México).
  4. Hey, guys! Today, I was @ Warner Music México for the LIVING THINGS listening party! The album is pretty amazing... but 'Victimized' is THE SHIT! I can't even figure if it's Mike or Chester doing distorted vocals in the very beginning! Sounds like a 'Death Grips" track but with balls. 'Roads Untraveled' was really disappointed. The track is very catchy, but Chester sings a verse kind of The Kinks' track "House of the Rising Sun"... same words, same melody... very folky. Reminds me 'Shadow of the Day / With or Without you" thing. LIVING THINGS is really the Hybrid Theory. A journey through all LP's discography. Mexico's presale starts Tuesday in mixup. We'll get a limited edition poster as a gift. A week before the release of the album, iTunes will host for free the entire record.
  5. "I don't even know. Just go off runaway / tinfoil / SIB / with you. If they don't happen you'll know" too good to be true
  6. They taped another setlist on top of the setlist we saw. :Trolling in the deep:
  7. ...I don't think they'll do a rendition to the Beastie Boys. Maybe it will appear up on stage some Breakbeat dancers during the BIO bridge like they did back in the days with Nobody's listening!
  8. God! Seems like this hunt is getting out of control! People everywhere are calling an employee for a clue! Edit: Everything is alright. Waiting for the next Brazilian Clue @ May 17th.
  9. hope it'll be the last clue, where the living things come alive.
  10. Ok, that's enough! Back on topic. Maybe those two guys from Japan are getting ready to launch a new puzzle tomorrow! Seems like this puzzle game are set all around the world. Some guys from my country are speculating that the treasure we'll find is a new track called "Lies, greed. misery". A news paper from Mexico ( El Reforma) are speculating same thing.
  11. Mygosh! I'm just being sarcastic about Derek's Ass site! Half of my posts here are to make some jokes with you, guys! No offense, please! Ok, it's time to try the Ketchup, mutthaeffas! #PotatoSongs #Trollnoda
  12. guys @ LPLive: YOU SUCK doing this geek sh*t! ...moving on to Derek's Ass(ociation) for more updates and hyping up!
  13. It'll be Viral? Means that there won't be a physical single, only Web single. No TV promotion or else.. Fck!
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