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  1. I like demos its interesting to know what the band produces but doesnt release. Some of the ones without lyrics i wish did have. Itd be nice for lp to play like a demo show. Just all there demos live Ive just noticed after all these yrs ive still got a 50% warning i remember the silly noob who put that on lol
  2. tell u what would be good if they could do what they did a few years ago, nobodys listening/step up/its going down all together or something like that but with diff songs. that'd be good to see/hear.
  3. i predict either a re-worked europe setlist with couple older songs, OR: a whole new setlist as it'll be getting them ready for japan but im not holding hope for either because they might play same as other night without cure for my itch will be dropped.
  4. In my opinion i think its a live bootleg cd/dvd like live in Texas and im thinking we are gonna see a new setlist also, i just have a gut feeling.
  5. at the end of the day people can complain about what gets played or what song is played in same setlist form every night, the point people miss is the fact that fans or general people who go to the gigs for a night out, alot of them aint seen these songs played and dont care what was played the night before, its the atmosphere and what happends during the show, meaning like when they mess up a song etc, i look at it this way the same setlist can be played 10 times in a row but each time the show is different. yh id like to see older songs play but at moment i think LP are comfortable playing what they do now and adding odd song here n there would take up abit of time cus of lighting, effects, rehearsing the song etc.
  6. ive got it on me sky box hard drive, ill see if i can transfer it
  7. Ive got a sky HD box and it has a built in hard drive so ive just set it to record the LP show for 2moz.
  8. Maza_G

    Older DSP's?

    i think the got boo'd because it was there 1st time at download and they got to be headline acts, usually bands play other stages or earlier slots on main stage before they can headline. see the thing is with download gowers is there abit weird in bands coming in and straight to headlining. But i was there and there was boo's n fights with other bands to so it wasnt no different. Evanecense in 2007 they were on before the Linkin Park, they got boo'd and bottles thrown at them, but like amy said to the crowd they have a right to be there. I think Linkin Park have headlined all 3 times theyve been there now, and if im not wrong aint they headlined the fri, sat & sun now? or is it just 1 sat and 2 sun?
  9. Maza_G

    Older DSP's?

    in my opinion i think they should release all of the shows they have recorded, because id like to listen to birmingham 2003, download fest 2004 plus loads of others, and if they had videos of shows they should release them to, i think it'll be a good protional stunt for them if they did, there are 1000s of people out there who attended these shows and i bet all of them if not a few less wouldnt mind hearing the shows theyve been to. at end of the day its a memory of a good concert to someone especially hearing or seeing it again.
  10. friday 15th july at 10pm UK time, Parts of LP show will be shown on ITV2 HD
  11. friday 15th july at 10pm UK time, Parts of LP show will be shown on ITV2 HD
  12. email i got was: In celebration of July 4 back home, we will be streaming LIVE from the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in London at 8pm BST / 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT. Click here to watch our special show LIVE on Monday from this intimate venue. We have a surprise for you, so don't miss it. You can also watch live from your iPad, iPod or iPhone if you download the iTunes Festival App here. You also get to watch any of the performances of this festival on-demand for free at the end of the month. show here: http://t.opsp.in/12yXS App: http://t.opsp.in/12yXT
  13. at the end of the day LP might be keeping the same set for a reason, all i know is it aint the end of the world alot of festival gowers aint bothered whats being played most of them are to pissed to realise, its the atmosphere thats whats great. we can all go on about what songs we would like played etc etc, but i think its what LP are finding easy to play and feel comfortable with. plus how do we know they aint working on new stuff,.
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