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Goodbye, lpunderground.com


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After 9 years, the lpunderground.com domain will be put to rest today and lpu.linkinpark.com will be the home of the LPU.


The LPU was a birthplace of sorts for this site and was the source of a lot of information contained within our pages, especially information shared there by members. Join us in saluting the retired site and welcoming the new!

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the site is down, but the chat is still alive... now we are there chatting.. it is only 8 of us left::: Chaaruzukoan, linkingabo, lp40c, marcusjehrlander, nessa1, PinkyLouloulp, Roddy and Xerosnake90


..if we log out we cannot come back ..so we have been here for like 4 hours, i have been filming it :))

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The part that is frustrating is LPUX isn't even ready to be fully unleashed. Why couldn't lpunderground.com still stay afloat until LPUX was completely done? (i.e.: LPUX message boards, profile stuff, and other commonalities.)

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