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  1. I'm guessing there's a download code card in the package like most vinyl releases, at least I hope so cause I pre-ordered through amazon as well for the free shipping
  2. Got my tickets for LA, surprised the limit was 8 per person. I don't think he's going to add another LA show if this sells out fast, he's playing San Diego the next night for Dia de los Deftones and Anaheim on Monday, they're both driveable from LA. He might a Sunday Night show but I doubt it.
  3. I went to IdentityLA and this Amoeba Music show, Mike really surprised me with this 14 song set, I thought we'd get something like the Weenie Roast set with a couple more new songs. So many great moments, everyone needs to see Mike live, I can't stress this enough. Papercut on Over Again is so fucking satisfying. BTW at the meet and greet after the show, I thanked Mike for playing Kenji at IdentityLA, he told me he was thinking of playing it more on this upcoming tour, I told him definitely do it.
  4. It's a legendary record store, bands and artists play small shows there all the time. I signed up for this and the listening party, hopefully I get one of them, last LPU thing I won was for The Hunting Party release show at iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank.
  5. I'll be at IdentityLA, don't sleep on Ruby Ibarra or G Yamazawa, they're really good rappers.
  6. Just want to say fucking incredible post, summed up 2017 perfectly.
  7. Really making Chester proud around here aren't we?
  8. I was at the show and I had to sit down cause I started to break down during this song. Too many feels after Mike singing One More Light then Mikes speech then this incredibly heartfelt song.
  9. I was pleasantly surprised by this remix, it's much better than Darker Than The Light That Never Bleeds
  10. Great write up, it's going to be quite a emotional show. I'll be there, might be late tho, damn work and LA traffic. Do we know if Z-Trip is going on at 7:45? or is his set from 7:30-7:45?
  11. Thanks for compiling everything. Matt Heafy of Trivium also did a cover of One More Light, dedicated to Chester. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sskSnJ2SCns
  12. I also agree with this if they do decide to continue as Linkin Park. Chester cannot be replaced, his voice is so damn unique. I won't be upset if they just break up all together either. I think eventually Mike will make new music through Fort Minor or something completely different with or without the guys. He just might quit all together and go back into his art career too, who knows.
  13. Posted this video clip I recorded of "Heavy" from the Vegas OML release show on my instagram last night after I got home from a long day just broke down. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWzA5jeFZPh/ I still can't believe it, I truly feel like I've lost a real good friend. This is just so fucked. I wish I knew this would be the very last time I got to see you perform. Celebrity deaths don't really get to me but fuck. There were so many days and nights I'm just alone in my room fucking hating everything about me and for whatever reason I told myself "you got this dude, things will be better" and I'd put my headphones on, listen to this band for fucking hours and feel like I'm not the only one on this planet feeling like this. I told myself to just keep living because there's always going to be a new album coming out. And now fuck it's just gone, 7 albums and that's it, each one a soundtrack to a period of my life. I can't even measure how much this band has meant to me. I mean fuck I became a graphic designer because I loved the Hybrid Theory album cover that much. I met my first girlfriend in the fucking Linkin Park Underground chat room. RIP Chester Bennington, I never got to meet you but fuck did you truly change my life. I really hope you finally found peace. #linkinpark #heavy#chesterbennington Stay strong fam.
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