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    -Aktive Square, Bangkok, Thailand (20 June 2004) My first time LP show ever. -Aktive Square, Bangkok, Thailand (11 November 2007) My second time LP show in Thailand. -Cotia Arena, Venetian Resort, Macao (16 August 2009) My first time LP show outside Thailand. -Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON (08 February 2011) My second time LP show outside Thailand. -Aktive Square, Bangkok, Thailand (23 September 2011) My third time LP show in Thailand.

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  1. Linkin Park announced about the Honda Civic tours 2012 on Canada's newspaper this summer 2012 is coming. I just took a shot on a newspaper tonight, Let's see. ^^
  2. Appreciated it Nick. You are always the best ever.
  3. Hi LP's fan, Today I have special audio bootleg from Bangkok show 2011 also I would like to share them for everyone. Let's to download and ENJOY =) Download Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YUJ7FGH3 Made by Linkin Park's fans from Thailand for our LP Fans.
  4. Hi mark, the LP show will start as soon.......but we have a problem on stage cuz tonight have a strong raining that why they take a break for the guest bands (Ebola band + Sweet mullet band) and extend the time for LP show, you know the Aktiv square is outdoor venue as the same place for 2004 and 2007 show. I'll be back, enjoy. =)
  5. He's fine, but the band look like tired after 10 shows in Asia before. for More information stay tune.
  6. คุณแน่ใจหรอว่าบ้านคุณอยู่ไกลจาก กทม. แล้วแน่ใจหรอว่าตั๋วขายหมด ??แต่ดีแล้วแหล่ะที่ไม่มาเพราะฝนตก
  7. Hey man, I go back my country and took vacation here since 2 weeks ago, that why I wanna joy Bangkok show tonight and will come back to Toronto the end of September, K ? LoL
  8. Why you thought about that man ? look like you so pity and wanna get it, right ? lmao
  9. Hi there, I'm going to the show tonight at the Aktiv Square open air............the LP crowd coming to the show almost 45,000 at the aktiv square, stay tune I will tape this show such as the 2007 show. LP_YEAST =)
  10. Hi there, can you announce news update for show in Bangkok, Thailand now pre sale ticket available Click here http://www.totalreservation.com/en/event_t...ail.aspx?id=145 Thanks a lot
  11. For the fans in Thailand Pre-Sale available now CLICK here http://www.totalreservation.com/en/event_t...ail.aspx?id=145 By.LP_YEAST
  12. Say goodbye LPU. It's the best site for LP fan page forever, Rest in peace LPU.
  13. Today in thailand, BEC Tero Entertainment has announced for an upcoming show in Thailand 2009 Linkin Park live Bangkok, Thailand 6 August 2009 @ Impact Arena ( a place like as Korn, Incubus, and other band have been show there) **for infomation go to this under link >>> http://www.bloggang.com/viewblog.php?id=ci...59&gblog=41 and more information and news update I will post it later soon. and I will be waited for lp.com confirm OMG, fucking news of the day. LP Rocker.
  14. ** Next show , will be Aktiv Square, Bangkok,Thailand xx.x8.2009 I hope they will announce as soon for my country show =) thank you for info.
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