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  1. Many people look at Hybrid Theory and Meteora as the masterpiece in mixing genres for Linkin Park. They mixed rock/nu-metal/hip-hop/electronica perfectly. You can say that Minutes To Midnight takes the rock/nu-metal branch from their first two albums, and the album stands alone at that, with ballads as the only new feature to the album. You can say that A Thousand Suns takes the electronica branch from their first two albums, and stands alone as that, the new features being odd structures, interludes/concepts, and foreign accents/world music. Having this said, the only branch left is "hi
  2. Mine isn't really complete but my idea of the story goes like this; The album opens up with The Requiem. This is basically a prayer at a time of despair and hatred. The bomb goes off which sequences in to The Radiance, which is an actual historical account of what happened at the time. Burning In The Skies fades in, and even though the lyrics could be looked at as political or dealing with relationships, for this story alone this song looks back into all of the greed, hatred, and evil that is in the culture today. Empty Spaces / When They Come For Me are interlude from the story, which is
  3. This is what i'm looking for. Come out with a bang. Something like "Given Up" and "No More Sorrow", but with more of a hip-hop edge. I mean they could pull off an album that makes ATS look like nothing, but I guarantee they will never do it. If they continue in the direction of drum machines and soft ballads, they will never be the same band they once were. This is less of an expectation, but more of a request. Throw in some more guitars, throw in some more screaming, and rap a little more too. I don't want to see this band try to forge a new identity on every track. Who knows, if they con
  4. Corrections on this statement: Most solo songs run 0.99 and 1.29 in the US. The track's length is listed.
  5. Xero, you made some pretty good points, but I just think Hybrid Theory is more honest, and more enjoyable. Throwing in 3 half-assed interludes, and 2 good interludes isn't being creative. "The Radiance" is only used because of Oppenheimer. The speech within the song doesn't really connect with the story/theme, but more of the title and track titles. "Empty Spaces" is basically the most useless interlude i've ever listened to. It serves no purpose at all. "Fallout" is half assed. Basically an acapella of Mike Shinoda singing the chorus from "Burning In The Skies" through effects/vocoder. The ot
  6. Incorrect. I clearly wrote a paragraph or so on why I think Hybrid Theory is the best album. Many fans around here seem to think A Thousand Suns is, so I wrote my honest opinion on why I think it is not. I didn't write a paragraph for Hybrid Theory calling it the best album, without supporting details. On a side note, the bands last two albums were very good, but felt incomplete. Minutes To Midnight lacked alot of electronica and hip-hop, while A Thousand Suns lacked the rock/metal edge of the band. Their first two albums blended that perfectly. Now it seems like they are making albums
  7. You can post your thoughts on this little article that I wrote up. Agree, disagree, anything works. It's the whole point of this thread, let alone the forums. Linkin Park in my opinion does have their best album. It is Hybrid Theory. Yes this album is better than the more polished copy Meteora, yes it is better than the clean and simplistic Minutes To Midnight, and even better than the cacophonic electronic overdose of A Thousand Suns. Why am I making this statement, especially after having a different opinion 2 months ago? Hybrid Theory had it all. Every song could've been a single
  8. I chose Phoenix. He has a great singing voice, and I think he could sing in a solo track.
  9. Yeah because this clearly makes sense. A Thousand Suns is lacking one thing that The Dark Knight has. A story. A Thousand Suns isn't like Dark Side Of The Moon, or even American Idiot for that matter. There isn't a story. The concepts are themes. Tossing in crickets doesn't tell a story. Martin Luther King turning evil isn't telling a story. It's the theme and concept behind the track itself. I was just annoyed that there was so many of this, and it took away from the album. Since there wasn't that "story", leaving the interludes out wouldn't change anything. You may think The Requiem or Fallo
  10. 01. Wake 02. Given Up 03. Leave Out All The Rest 04. Bleed It Out 05. Shadow Of The Day 06. What I've Done 07. Hands Held High 08. No More Sorrow 09. Valentine's Day 10. In Between 11. In Pieces 12. The Messenger 13. The Little Things Give You Away