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  1. i'm going! SO PUMPED. i'm hoping for b13, b11, or a1. especially b11 or a1.
  2. does anyone know about how long this concert will last if it starts at 7? i'm going to the boston show tomorrow and it's supposed to snow like hell so i might have to leave early and i DO NOT want to miss the encore, especially if it's set B11. last train from boston leaves at 10:30, would i make it?
  3. i'm kind of bummed about WJL cause i think it's a perfect intro to Iridescent and I actually really love it by itself. It's so relaxing. But, on the other hand, that'd be niced if they replaced it with something like wake or wake 2.0. I'm going to the Boston show tomorrow, i'm hoping for A1 or B11. A1: because it has W&K and The Messenger. B11: Blackout, LFY, and THAT ENCORE. and, I REALLY WANT APFMH OVER BIO. haha ok i'll stop now. i'll be happy with whatever though, honestly. it's an LP show.
  4. dromani22

    "Set B13"

    From The Inside YESSS. OMG. Opening with Faint is awesome. but come on... The Messenger? Am I the only one who would kill to see chester sing this live?
  5. i can proudly say that i was a part of the old LPU for almost 4 years. RIP!
  6. i want to go to the boston date so bad probably will. WOOHOO.
  7. I HAVE NOT BEGUN IS MY FREAKING JAM. so dope. i do not understand the complaining about things like this. these are demos which are what fans want, just because some don't have lyrics doesn't mean it's worthless. be thankful they even do all of this fanclub stuff, most bands don't do half the shit LP does when it comes to fanclubs. once you guys get what you want, all you want is more, and then you complain about what you do have. get over yourselves and just enjoy what comes to you. i'm so sick of LP fans whining and complaining all the time.
  8. anyone wanna help me out here? point me in the right direction? (: EDIT: thanks ya'll!
  9. I told him that there needs to be a Glorious Excess (Re-Born) because i love GLXS and it would go along with the Born and Dies theme, and i also asked if ATS was going to be played in its entirety for the upcoming US tour.
  10. favorite song off the album. freaking amazing seeing it live. love this episode!
  11. agreed! click to read my full story of the show.
  12. 100% agreed. video doesn't do it any justice. i'm glad i got to see one of the first of many TC performances! (:
  13. i hope to god it's wretches and kings! i mean it's the first time they have ever performed it, they should totally post that one. plus, it's just a badass song live, everyone including myself was going nuts.
  14. nice to meet some of you guys last night! didn't get home until 6am this morning and ive still been awake... a full sleep is going to feel amazing haha. anyways i agree, last night's concert was SICK. i got what i asked for: WaK, and Iridescent. that's all i really wanted. WaK really does melt face live. btw, i thought it was hilarious that i was literally the ONLY person singing Fallout and i was also screaming the speech at the beginning of WaK and people were really confused. (:
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