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25.10.2010 - Paris, France


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LP continues their European Tour today in Paris, France at Bercy. The band has played this venue several times before, notably during their 2003 European headlining tour (canceled but then rescheduled) and then again in 2007 and 2008.


At the last show in Linz, Austria, the band played the same setlist they've been playing so it seems like they'll continue that at least for the rest of the European Tour. You never know, they could switch something up randomly (we've seen it before mid-tour on the Meteora World Tour in 2004 and on Projekt Revolution in 2007). Anyway, so we plan on the set being the same. When do you think the band will begin to change the set up a bit?


Who's going to the show? Is anyone going that has seen them in Paris before?


Tomorrow Linkin Park plays at Westfalenhalle 1 in Dortmund and then again the day after in Köln.


The show is now over, so here we go with the post show report!



01. The Requiem

02. Wretches & Kings

03. Papercut

04. Given Up

05. New Divide

06. Faint

07. Empty Spaces

08. When They Come For Me

09. No More Sorrow

10. Jornada Del Muerto

11. Waiting For The End

12. Wisdom, Justice, & Love

13. Iridescent

14. Numb

15. The Radiance (Live Version)

16. Breaking The Habit

17. Shadow Of The Day

18. Crawling

19. A Place For My Head

20. One Step Closer


21. Fallout

22. The Catalyst

23. The Messenger

24. In The End

25. What I've Done

26. Bleed It Out


- After 'Crawling', Mike talked about how the 24th was a special day because of the Hybrid Theory 10th Anniversary. Brad teased the intro to 'A Place For My Head' and then the entire band went into it. It's currently unknown if that was exactly planned or not, but it was played! So there's our change!

- They talked to the crowd between songs, before 'When They Come For Me', 'A Place For My Head', 'Bleed It Out' and a few others.

- Chester went into the crowd on 'Breaking The Habit' and Mike went into the crowd on 'In The End' and 'A Place For My Head'.

- Chester had a French flag during 'Shadow Of The Day'.


CONGRATULATIONS, Paris! Who all went to the show?!

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The french power station will strike and LP will have to play an acoustic set and everyone in the crowd gets a candle or because we are living in a modern time, with flashlight from their cellphones

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Stop television mate ;) nothing is blocked (espacially the power station) as foreign TV & press said... everythings will be fine :) i'll be there tonight ! never attended a show in france before !

It was only a joke :) I wish you to have a great f*cking time!!!
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Considering that last night Muse played Citizen Erased for the first time on the US leg of the tour and the show was in Jersey AND I had the opportunity to go and didn't but my friend did, I've learned if you don't expect something from a band, it'll happen -.-

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I went to the show and it was fucking awesome !!!! I was at M&G and even if it's quick, it was awesome awesome, I'm so happy.

So the setlist was the same but... after Crawling Mike talked about the anniversary of HT and they played.... wait for it... A Place For My Head!!!!! And right after.... One Step Closer!!!

For those who wonder: Yes they talked to the crowd (before When They Come For Me, A Place For My Head, BIO, and others songs but I don't remember now I'm pretty exhausted), and they took their time to thank us.

Mike played guitar between Given Up and New Divide, Chester went to the crowd after Breaking The Habit, with Mike for In The End, Mike went into the crowd during A Place For My Head, and I think that's all.

Chester had the French flag during SOTD.


And I'll go on tomorrow, good night !!

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they played A PLACE FOR MY HEAD holy shit!!!! a freind of mine went just hearing about it now he said mike mentioned yesterday was a special day because of hybrid theroys 10yr and brad went into the intro and then the whole glorious fucking song man lucky paris< wish I could have been their with my freind

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