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  1. it's always a unique date in france lol I must be in Arras This friday !
  2. Joyeux Noël/Merry christmas ! To all people of the LPL community ! I already got my present before in 12/25/10 in stuttgart where i met the band !!
  3. I love this video an even more the last word from chester : "Dude Paris was on fucking fire tonight that was an awesome crowed" Yes we were !!!
  4. you're 100% right... In my opinion Problem was not the fan... two fact for me first categorization of the band kill them.. for most LP is just a "scream band" for teenager... and second things in germany and probably UK too... for the entire tour you got many producers... in france we only got one and it's seems they didn't know the popularity LP had... just take a look at the price for the show about 45-50 euro here (in france) 60-70 euro in other Same problem as i mention above producer seems to be blind and didn't see this band as a huge "cash mashine"... Bercy was sold out in about 3-4 weeks... Virgin megastore is the worst CD/audio/dvd seller in france in my opinion... "Fnac" and "Saturne" are definitely better !! the advertising was made by virgin radio... and the radio is like the store a piece of Sh** ... sometime they air burninig in the sky but cut a lot of part to make a 2:50min song... it's really a shame... "single" was unavailable and if we want them we have to import them from Germany or UK...
  5. I expected more date too... but it's "funny" to see even in there own country we can see some "they will not come near my place !" when i tought the 2/23 of 2010 i was in L.A. and they didn't play or did somethings.... have a great time all of you and enjoy the show(s) !!!
  6. Spooky you're not alone man !!! me too EDIT: you're alone ..... lol
  7. But they could send a download links... you know like for a thousand suns....
  8. i renew with cd ! and i didn't receive anythings yet! you could wait in my opinion !
  9. I confirm for paris show at begining of radiance mike start sing and throw immediately one of his mic and grab the other one at first i tought i pick the one without vocoder but now i know why he did that... i will check if i have a video of that but i am pretty sure i don't have this part... by the way i prefered a dsp not fix... espacially because of the "bee" voice produce by the vocoder...
  10. i just downloaded stuttgart (show were i was) i find the crowd noise a bit lower during songs... or maybe we wasn't as loud as i thought...
  11. Of course she was there !!!! in stuttgart too !!!! a try to convert her to a real hardcore LP fan !!!! that was a lot a fun to met you in zurich for reel !!! you more than welcome next year in france for some show !! i will prabably do 2 or 3 show in 2011 !!! hope i will meet you again !!!
  12. i'am sorry guy i wanted to post the setlist live but my Balckberry was completely fucked ! and i can't post anything... iphone next time ! ! so they played APFMH and it sounds so badass !!! even the crowd was so crazy !!! never seen that before !!!! joe messed up numb intro but nothing really importante ! i got a video of APMH i will take a look but my camera isn't the best you can get for the job! i tought you definitely will be able to find some better thing on you tube tomorrow morning.....
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