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  1. I am not liking the sound of that mash-up if it is any indication that Victimized will never get played in full.
  2. "Program" and "Soundtrack" are by far my favourite demos. Honourable mention goes to "What We Don't Know"
  3. Give me a second as i pull out my crystal ball...
  4. Apparently, saying the word "God" in a song automatically makes LP a Christian band regardless of context or intent. The thought process of some people...
  5. I can't believe that shitty video won an award. Not their best video by a long shot from the Hybrid Theory era. Then again, its an MTV award which is shit to begin with. And it was probably more about the "most popular song voted by the most rabid fanbase" than the actual video content anyways. And LP looking like a ragtag band of misfits that i would be scared to approach in person today. It's ridiculous how much they've grown and changed.
  6. Such a pity a post of a fun LPTV got turned into another bitch and whine fest.
  7. This thread is pathetic. Surely, there are better things to debate.
  8. They dropped a couple of things. They raised the price tag. If none of that sounded great to you, then why join? It's not like they forced you to pay for the membership. It's hard to sympathize with people who whine about it based on that alone. I think i got my money's worth out of it. I didn't get any M&G but that's my luck going to two shows that are in big cities with many fans which reduced my chances. I attended the summit which was worth it to me. Everything else is a bonus. I don't really care for having a website since all that happens is fans bitching about the club no one forced them to join anyways. I joined the fanclub fully aware that i might not get a M&G. Might not be able to attend a single summit. Might not be available for any chat due to bad luck. May not be able to take advantage of the presale due to any unforeseen circumstances. But i joined anyways because i wanted to and who knew if sometime during the year of my membership, i may be able to get something out of it. Plus, i wanted that presale to the album release show in NY back in September and that was it.
  9. What's there to finish? Pointless attempt for those who try. The song is complete and a fantastic piece at that.
  10. I don't think he used fuck, dick and caps-lock enough.
  11. Leave it out of the DSPs, but keep playing it live as the whole point to a concert is to get the full experience while a DSP is a shadow representation of the experience meant to be a memento. Who cares if it gets cut out. But definitely leave it in the setlist. I mean all the band would probably do is simply just play Iridescent by itself. Leaving the speech only adds to the song.
  12. Dude, where did you get that from? My mind wasn't even anywhere near that train. Yes i am absolutely in love with ATS and would metaphorically die and go to heaven if the band ever played ATS from beginning to end. And yes, i don't particularly care for some of LP's old stuff anymore. The reason i no longer care for them is the same reason i think their inclusion in a set is a negative. And those songs are their angsty material. Whether you want to believe it or not, but LP has grown beyond those songs that focus on those simply angst. It's no longer relevant to them and to me because i realized that i've grown along with them to where they are now. I haven't played Numb in like forever and the only time i enjoy it is when i see it live because the enthusiasm of the fans is infectious and the band makes you want to sing along regardless. So a setlist that has been tapered down to a few angsty stuff is a win for me and would come across better to represent the direction the band is already heading on. It would make the set more cohesive. But unlike some people, i am able to be realistic. I know a bunch of fans love those angsty stuff. And i don't mind that. LP is my favourite band because i love 90% of their stuff including those angsty stuff occasionally. I know that the chances of them actually getting rid of all their angsty stuff is slim and it doesn't bother me. I know there is no such thing as the perfect setlist and never will be. I am not living in the clouds. What's works for me might not work for the masses if you want to be cliche. Like i said, at the end of the day, its all about seeing my favourite band live and rocking out with other fans who together, make the experience fun and worth it regardless of any hangups on their set.
  13. I love your train of reasoning. Indeed it's worth the suffering of seeing a classy LP song like Iridescent on Transformers if it means it becoming a permanent fixture on their setlist. Definitely a win.
  14. Your point? I mean besides stating the obvious. When MTM came out, i doubt WID, SOTD, BIO, and a bunch of other songs got the crowd going because it was very new. But now, the arena goes wild immediately the first notes to WID or BIO starts playing. It's all about time. Same thing happens with any other artist. I don't see how its that big of a deal. I already know the crowd loves OSC and all that jazz and i don't mind that. That's not my point. I just said that i think a better setlist for me would be void of that song and most of the Metora stuff they play. But unlike some people, a song doesn't make a break a show for me. In the end, its all about the performance and enjoying seeing my favourite band live.
  15. Because they finally realized that the chorus sucks and is no longer relevant to them?
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